FUD: Electroneum added on HitBTC and the price reaction was a ridiculous jump of 38%



This was a terrible article and it hurt me to read it. But nevertheless it fires me up and now i only want to to prove Captainaltcoin wrong, and one of hes biggest mistake is that many ETN fighters have left reddit for this forum.


:rofl::rofl: this kind of articles make me laugh badly.
Did he even hear about kyc?
Does not surprises this tho, this is the site that said etn will be 0.00 after the asic forks :joy::joy:


Oooooo handbags at dawn !! Wow that was one painful read…


If we are honest, ETN stands a minuscule chance of reaching a massive adoption and without it, this coin has no point and looks more like a marketing ingenuity of its founders than a revolutionary tech.
Really in our 1st year

Read the numbers they speak for themselves… kyc , payment system , mining app. What a crock of :poop:.


I am not saying ETN is a scam but their bar is set so high that even much bigger companies and more competent engineers would have trouble to reach it. Don’t get to excited by the cool concepts you hear from the team, the more big words you hear from a project, the more skeptical you should be. Everybody is “revolutionizing” something in crypto space, but in most cases, only their pockets get to see a revolution.

Actually this team has delivered everytime , we may have had some ups and downs but he’ll in one year this small coin has done amazing things in my eyes…

Wonder what the team would think of this article … @Jade_O @Rachel . What do you guys think ???


I think we pretty much said our piece in Fight the Dump Club3.where this article was also posted.
His style of journalism is malignant to put it mildly.




Hi @eFiJy, how are you?
Did you read the article above?
What were your thoughts on it other than the exchanges current policy on their fee structure.?
I only ask because the exchange had little to do with the article.
Merely a headline that was strategically used to draw attention.


Hi, I’m fine, just don’t have so much time to stay on forum anymore.
Yes, I read the article and it is dreadful. It is obviously a paid article. All the people who are defending and trust ETN are considered to be paid as well.
But we will see what they will do after ETN will overcome all issues and prove to be ‘‘the crypto for the people’’ indeed.


Thanks for the input.
I know what they mean about getting paid…!
Were all Investors and were all going to get paid for investing.
Thats why were all giving so much for free.


Exactly , FREE . We don’t have to spread the good word or fight the fud. We could just walk away , but why it’s great fun to shut the fudders up.


I did always womder what S.T.F.U Meant professor Chris.
Thankyou for your clarity.
Shut The Fudders Up.I like that.


This article is completely bias to the writers point of view. I would love to have a public conversation with him discussing facts instead of his uneducated opinion. What a terrible uneducated bias opinion, I can’t believe such a person would try to manipulate people this way I agree he must have been paid to do this. The way the information is conveyed is so negative and bias without justification it’s ridiculous! Borderline slander imo because there are no facts behind his opinions and he is very uneducated about Electroneum obviously. Any of what his facts are is conveyed negative for no reason besides him obviously trying to attack Electroneum. This guys keyboard should be taken away oh my goodness.


I bet he has some too hahahah


I think every “fudder” has some Electroneum and are upset because “when lambo” didn’t “moon” as instantly as Electroneums instant payment system. :wink: @Chris_T


If I bore malice I would buy one of these in his honour and start sticking pins in it…very slowlyScreenshot_2018-11-23-05-17-42-1

This is a cooper troll doll