From V8, only Validators have the right to mine

I just saw a message pop up that said “From Electroneum V8, only Validators have the right to mine”…so how do I become a “validator”?
Thank you

Found and run and internationally known charitable organization for several years. Have it run with good reputation. Do this in a poorer country in the world. Also have some interest in crypto.

In short, this is not open to the public.

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so does this mean one cannot mine electroneum anymore as a normal user, member of the public, plain joe?

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Correct It is not open to the general public.

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Oh well, that was fun while it lasted…what do I do with all my electroneum coins now? HODL and hope they will be worth something in 100 years?

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also, didnt they release a mobile phone miner?

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It’s Mobile miner is called etn rewards now. Repeating the answer here so people reading either thread can get the answer.
Keep an eye out for news. I personally see interesting things in the future for ETN. I can’t advise how to buy/sell etc. There are lots of youtube videos. I would recommend watching the ones with Richard Ells being interviewed and ignore the scammy price prediction ones.

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Many thanks for your time and responses,
take care


you can mine altcoins with CPU, GPU, ASIC and exchange it to etn. The thorshammer mining pool makes the exchange automatically for you.

more info on telegram

or here

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