French Marketplace + shop integration

Hi community,

Just some words to share that electroneum has been added on Cocote[dot]com (french shopping tool):

there is on page that list products that can be bought with electroneum on FR shops: link is on my profile

There’s currently only one eshop accepting electroneum ( arrange[dot]fr ) but it’s a good step as many shops will join!


Thankyou very much for posting .
I will send you an invitation to Topic"ETN Store Fronts"
If you can post your Link there .

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TY, but when trying to reply on

ETN Store Fronts

i always got ‘links not accepted’ BR

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Welcome Kicklee
This is because you are a “New User” trust level.
Could you assist in any way please @BegaMutex ?
Thankyou .


This is fantastic. With the current political environment in France right now, crypto has a HUGE opportunity to help solve problems, ETN specifically. It’s a very sad time there but we all know the Phoenix always rises from the ashes and would prefer that Phoenix to be ETN blue if at all possible.