Free Online Business Card with Electroneum QR & Referral Code


Create Your own Business Card with Electroneum QR & Referral Code. You can use this to print cards, send to customers or post up on your site. Links can also work within Facebook Twitter Etc.
Its my first revision so if you have any feedback or advice please let me now.

It is a Free service that creates a Business Card with your ETN & Referal Code

You can add your public ETN address, Name & Referral Code. A quicklink is also created.

There is some help notes on the site if required.

Feel free to create your own at website:

Example Link:

Custom Example Link:

Example Cards






so interesting​:+1::+1:, Try it.


front-25496 back-25496

This My Business Card.,Please share to Yours.


Its Kinda the same idea as this one but both great ideas for sure! Goodjob @Bitinix


good job i like it so much thank you brother bitinix-front bitinix-back


Thanks for the support guys, I’ve seen a few people using it already I hope it will be useful.

I’ve integrated a quicklink system also, so instead of giving out a huge ETN address you can use something like the following: as a lookup to your public etn address.
I’m looking into have more descriptive quicklink names also. ie
easy to give out & remember I think…




Love this! This is grass roots marketing at it’s finest!


Thanks @M-Kid. That’s much appreciated.


I’m looking into making links for social media also to help getting the word about.
If anyone have any suggestions on design please feel free to let me know.


It’s the beginning for make the cryptocurrency card.:+1::+1:


GREAT JOB!! well done!


Thanks @ETN & @a46d780ca9c84529fd78
Very much appreciated, I hope you get some good use out of it.

Just looking into custom quickLinks:
Something Like this would be ideal for Business & Personal use I think




Great stuff man thank you


Thanks @SutekhsCrypto, You’re welcome,
It all helps promoting ETN, I’ve got lots of ideas to add to it’s features over time :slight_smile:


cant wait to see the new ideas! great work!


I’m currently working on an idea to help people buy & sell Electroneum


WOW!!! For sure this is what we need. What about AUD?


That looks super amazing @Bitinix keep up the Awesome work I’ll be curious about your website when Its done! :open_mouth:


Much appreciated @PHXInvestors & @a46d780ca9c84529fd78

@a46d780ca9c84529fd78 The site will work in all currencies

– quoted from another thread
The idea is to make the process of trading ETN as easy and as affordable as possible. I won’t be getting involved in the actual transfer of fiat or Crypt . . I’ll leave that up to the traders, however I do have some processes to help protect users from any scammers.

Traders will be able to create ETN adverts, set their own margins, for any currency , in any language, in any country & any trade method.

This would be the core business which I think should always be a free of charge. The only thing I’ve got to lose is a little coding time & server overhead.

Any profits the traders make would be their own. I’ll work out other services down the line to monetise the site if needed.

It is still going to take a few weeks to nail a fully working model down as I am still on other projects at the moment. I’ll make a fresh thread & keep you all posted. Any feedback good or bad would always be gladly accepted.


great stuff!!! really good work!