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Hi Everyone,

Today I’ve started a new feature over at

The aim of this is with Two things in mind, to try to encourage Electroneum community members to join the site even though the prizes may be of too small a value for certain people to be seen as worth their time. The second is to create a fund that helps those first, real-life users on the ground to claim a free top up each month and use their cloud mining and etn winnings from the site on other items that will become available for sale.

I’ve set up a fund and donated 2000 ETN to the balance to get things started. All users on the site will be able to donate as little or as much as they like of their etn winnings into the fund which will then be used to provide free top-ups to genuine South African users. These users will also be winning free etn through the daily draws, wheel of fortune, and possibly if they get lucky on scratch cards. If they can top up their phone, grow their balance and keep their cloud mining I believe it makes Electroneum even more of an attractive offering to these individuals. Of course, the best bit is that they can do it all for free!

With regards to those users who feel like the prizes aren’t worth their time, I totally understand that. However I do believe that the site can still be attractive to these users by allowing them to trade 5 mins a day, whichever days they choose, to enter our free draws and donate their winnings into this fund, and the value for these users is having the ability to have that positive influence directly on the ground with the initial users, supporting them and helping to grow the ecosystem.

So I guess what I’m saying is that for this type of user, the value would come from contributing directly to the ecosystem, for completely free. Plus, who knows, you might even enjoy yourself a little over on the site with our wheel of fortune, scratch cards or free daily draws. That’s key to keep in mind, you never have to pay anything into the site, the whole thing is free. The only thing we sell is Electroneum through our fiat to etn service.

I’ve made a video explaining everything in regards to The Unlimited Fund you can find it here

If my site isn’t your kind of thing, that’s totally fine! If you would like to help us with our cause feel free to join up! For those with YOTI, it’s as simple as scanning a QR code and you’re verified! We don’t hold your personal data on the site, only your remember me ID.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and have a great day!


I used to use your website a lot but at some point it just kept timing out too much in various places. Trying to log in now it’s just sitting there not logging in.
I’ll try yoti and see if that works
OK using Yoti worked but the first thing I tried - the scratchcard I get error 520, it happens a lot on your website for me nowadays. Long time to load and not loading drives people away, at least for me it does.

edit : Got the scratchcard page to open and the scratch card is not working for me.
So I try to leave a comment and it now shows a blank white screen.
I’m not kidding everything I try on your website is hit or miss now. Things don’t load, don’t work etc. I’m in the US West coast. Adblock is disabled on your website here and I’m using Firefox on Linux. Oh the scratch card requires a fee and it thinks I’m a different user with no balance so that is why it is not working.

Trying Chrome. Was able to login using chrome and yoti. My balance has been zero’d out for some reason? I think I was at 29.something ETN. Mistake? Oh wait it’s because I used Yoti so now I’m a different user? But I still have a ton of activity points. And now it says I have to complete photo ID to enter your draws. I thought Yoti takes care of that though?
I try to play the wheel of fortune and first thing it says is my daily limit is exceeded but I haven’t done anything yet. :expressionless:

Hi Aironeous,

I totally understand your frustration. Obviously, you’ve had a poor experience and I’m very sorry about that. After I became aware of the issues you’ve mentioned with the site timing out and loading slow etc I started to investigate to see where these problems were originating.

I really appreciate that you’ve taken the time to point out these issues to me as I had been unaware that they existed. Obviously, I don’t use the site myself from a front end perspective so I rely on users to let me know about any issues. I don’t know if other people have just not taken the time to mention these issues to me or if they don’t find them that infuriating or for some reason are not suffering from them.

What I do know is that there were a number of issues that needed resolving. From around 00:00gmt on Sunday night until 05:00 GMT I spent a lot of time optimizing the website to provide the experience that I expect for our users. This has taken our page speed ratings much higher in the rankings and should contribute to the user experience on the site. I’ve also upgraded our hosting to a platinum plan which allows for more resource usage. Alongside that, there have been updates to the way the site handles caching and the points system now has caching enabled to reduce server load.

In terms of the issues revolving around login, the first thing that drew my attention towards the site that night was an email alert that lets me know that you were blocked for 10 mins for too many incorrect passwords requests. (Security feature to protect against brute force attacks)

Unless you had your YOTI linked beforehand when you’ve used YOTI it’s signed you up as a new user and put you on an account. Verification is done manually to ensure that we keep our word on protecting the draws from duplicate activity, your account was manually verified sometime between 00:00 GMT and 01:00 GMT.

If you want to continue to use the site I can either resent your original account password or you can keep the new account, have any balances transferred to the new account and keep login simple by just scanning the YOTI QR code and being logged in (also better security wise).

I think it’s possible that some Cloudflare settings were breaking some of the features of the site for you. I’ve only had one other user experience the scratch card issue and I’m working to find out why that was or still is happening for individuals.

I’ll work on the issues you’ve mentioned today and get back to you later on. Perhaps you could come back and give it another try once I address these issues. If you’ve just had enough, I totally understand! No hard feelings and I learn a valuable lesson to pay more attention to the user experience!

I hope you’re well mate!

Thanks, Chris.

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