Free ETN Central is a legitimate site!

Yeah you can use PayPal to buy, you must be logged in to view the purchase button though as only registered members can purchase. If you need any help give me a shout!


Thanks, Bovril! I’m glad you’re enjoying it!

Thanks, great to have you!

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Thank you, much appreciated!

please help i haven’t received my free etn

i upset i wont use this app if i wont receive my free etn

Can you explain a little more. Miner payout is 100etn

im having trouble with thjis app electroneum, I knew that ifi download it i will receive free etn or stellar whatever, now that i was able to process everything i did not receive any free etn on my wallet

i know that its a different site but somehow connected to that why i ask for help

You have to enable mobile miner. Once it reaches 100etn it will payout.

it says free 5000 etn
and i have not receive it, i know what you are saying, but im saying is free 5000 etn using referal code

I have no idea where you are getting that information from. What says free 5000 Etn?

i saw it in coinhashreports

That is not something that Electroneum is offering that I am aware of. Sounds like someone just wanted you to use their referral code for mobile mining. Doing some research may be of assistance for you.

This is not offered by Electroneum. Also this looks very old as cryptopia is not our only exchange. I do not think it is legitimate. You may want to do a bit more research before believing such things.

@3babf70bcfdf24cd84b7 this is what that user is talking about. I believe they were misinformed.

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Sorry but no simpathy for this…
How’d ya even find that website?

Chris keep up the great work !!! I will sign up to your site freeetncentral !


Thanks mate! I really appreciate that!