Free ETN Central Commendation


I really want to take some time to acknowledge and commend @Chris-FreeETNCentral on the excellent service that he runs over at
I just logged in to the site to see that I had won the main draw and thus the current prize of 413 ETN! This topped up the amount that I’ve won over the last couple of months to 940 ETN (526 of which is already in my wallet).
We must keep in mind that this is all absolutely free of charge! All that I have to do is enter the draws at night and check them again the next morning to see that, most days, I have won some, even if just a small amount of Electroneum.
Chris is running a most effective enterprise of which I have no complaints whatsoever!
Blessings to you Chris!


Awww thank you very much Nicholas! It really makes my day when I see that the site is making a positive impact for fellow Electronian’s! It’s a pleasure to have you as part of our community and I hope to see you win even more over the coming months!

Thanks for taking the time to share your experience!

Cheers, Chris.


I just joined now, hope to be lucky winner of some etn.


And you surely will be! Maybe not on the very first day but soon enough your balance will build itself up


What exactly should I be doing in other to earn?


The faq should help you out :slight_smile:


Tanx a lot. I love this community :+1:


Wow! It has only been 10 days and I am pleased to report that I have won the main draw again bringing my total winnings to 1384 ETN (of which 940 is in my wallet already)!
@Chris-FreeETNCentral you are an absolute legend and I do hope that you’re keeping some ETN for yourself :slight_smile: