FREE AnyTask Creation Apps and Tools

(I’ll post this here since I can’t create a new topic in the AnyTask section.)

Do you want to sell on AnyTask, but don’t know what tools you can use to do so?

Do you just want to try it out before spending money on apps and programs?

While we wait for TaskSchool, I don’t want to see anybody turned away from giving it a go, no matter where you are and what your economic background is. There’s so much opportunity, even if you only have a laptop, phone or tablet.

Here are some FREE resources I found to help you get started. (I am in the US, my hope is that these work in multiple countries. Please let me know if they do not work in yours and I’ll see what I can find.)

This is an online version of a very powerful photo editing and graphic design software. Every bit as good or better than my paid software on my personal computer.

Canva is another one:

I have no experience with it, but I know @purkiss800 uses Blender, 3D design software.

Here’s one for video editing on your phone, looks like only apple though. (Certainly nothing wrong with just using iMovie instead, that’s how i started in 2013.)

A highly rated android equivalent:

PhotoPea and iMovie are the only ones I have direct experience with from this list. Now if you have or are looking at a DJI drone, their software works pretty well too. doesn’t have to be just drone footage.

What other FREE resources do you guys use?

Blender is the free and open source 3D creation suite. It supports the entirety of the 3D pipeline—modeling, rigging, animation, simulation, rendering, compositing and motion tracking, video editing and 2D animation pipeline.

Reaper Digital Audio Workstation - $60 (but the evaluation period is actually never ending)

Davinci Resolve - Free video editing/colour grading/animation/visfx package etc

This is a good list:

and another:


Wow! Thanks for all that info @Anthony, especially the 27 free alternatives article. Might have to start using some of them myself. :+1:


Audacity is another free audio editing software.

There’s a podcaster I listen to just about daily who uses it. And he has 250k + daily downloads.

Either should work great for AnyTask.


Just wish I knew more languages so I could promote these tools to more people worldwide.

But to quote the Fifth Element:



You’re most welcome. There’s some good stuff in there! The only ones I use are Blender and Reaper as I’m fortunate to get my Adobe stuff through work, but I’m looking forward to playing around with some of the other apps when I get the chance. Good shout on Audacity!


I have had blender a couple weeks but haven’t used it yet, how do you like it?


I used it to design a vocal booth that I built last September and haven’t used it since. It took me quite a while to get to grips with it and I barely scratched the surface of what it can do. It’s insanely powerful for a free application. Just looking at examples of what others have done with it on YouTube blows me away. I just wish I had time to play around with it some more. You’ll have to let us know how you get on with it.


Like this:

:exploding_head: :exploding_head: :exploding_head:


in the past I tried to use blender but the UI was too complicated so I gave up on it. later I got to know there is a fork with a better UI but didn’t have the time to try it


I’ll have to give them both a look :+1:


Was looking for a free Android audio app to work with a lapel mic, found this:

Playing with it now. Looks to be good enough for what I need. Especially since Audacity doesn’t have an app.


Thanks for putting this out there…

I need a boost of graphics lol

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So lets say your’re working on a task, and you need some stock photos or stock footage. Where to?

Here’s what I use:

Royalty free stock with usually an unlimited license. Some creators want attribution in your work. I always give it whether it’s required or not.

Cool thing about these services is that as you build your portfolio, you can upload your original stocks to them. Yes they’re free, but look at it as a tool to drive traffic to your task listing, blog, socials, or website. Plus there’s tipping features built in. We should always be open to opportunities for multiple revenue streams.


I’ve been doing Blender 2.8 for about two weeks now…! Its an Absolutely Awesome programme…
You can download full version for free and sign up for Multiple courses on Udemy…
They are very affordable and very in depth…
The average price for a course in 3D animation is around $17.00…
I highly recommend it for everyone…I for one cannot wait to sell my skills on AnyTask…


Just i register on this site to reply back with my lots of thanks, I am using canva from long year and thanks for sharing photopea it doing wonders and have many advanced features. Just after working on photopea for a week i realize that it has lots of advertisement which cover up the screen hence i tried finding similar tool with no advertisement the name is photopea


Sorry I missed your reply @user2562, and welcome! :+1:

Good to know on Photopea concerning ads, I didn’t even notice. I’m using the Brave browser which blocks everything. Not a fan of ads at all.

Yup, Canva is popular one with YouTubers.


After having some issues with my video editing software, I recently switched to a MUCH better option, and wouldn’t you know it it’s even FREE. :exploding_head: :exploding_head: :exploding_head:

Davinci Resolve 16
(Not an affiliate link.)

WAY more capability than my old program, we’re talking PRO level. Certainly cut my editing time in half while being able to do more. Best of all, it didn’t crash on me once! (I stopped counting all the hours wasted on my old program.)

So if you’re looking to up your video editing game for AnyTask, I wouldn’t look any further than this. I felt there was a bit steeper learning curve than some other programs, but you make up the time in a hurry.

This is my first full video using it:

Did I mention this program was free? :crazy_face:


If you don’t have money for photoshop use GIMP.
I use both photoshop and gimp because some tasks are easier to do on gimp.
Gimp it’s free and you will find many tutorials for it.


Hi, not sure where to ask this, so I will try here. We have almost finished having a website built by AnyTask for a ‘Practice’ - not a retail outlet. What is the best way to say that you accept Electronuem as payment for your services, so that the site can be included in the ETN everywhere directory?


I use the Partha builds of gimp, he includes plugins that one would have to manually hunt down and install.

You can try a portable version of a Partha build to see how you like it before installing it in system…or just keep the portable and use it as is and keep the normal Gimp official install.

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