Founding Fathers


Hi guys I just integrated ETN into my website via WooCommerce. It was super easy. Check it out here. All feedback welcome. Does anyone know how or where I get it listed on the ETN list of vendors ? I read somewhere about a “Founding Fathers” site that lists sites using ETN




I suspect the Electroneum App will include this kind of functionality at some point. Until then there are a few community run sites which include an index. I’m sure they will post links below on getting your site added.

p.s. you may wish to update your name to something that identifies you here with the site. Will make it easier for people.


Thanks. Where do I change the name ?


Click your icon (dark circle) top right corner of the screen and then the little cog on top right of in the dropdown menu to get to “Preferences”.


Hi, don’t know about “Founding Fathers” but feel free to submit your business details here to be included in the Business Directory at the ETN_A Library!


Thanks I was trying it on my phone. Sorted now :slight_smile:


Indeed it is! : )    


Thank you for your online submission! You’ve been added to the Directory! :+1::+1:


Thanks you very much


Go into your settings (icon at the top right and click on your name)
Click on Preferences


Got it thanks for the help