Founding Fathers

Hi guys I just integrated ETN into my website via WooCommerce. It was super easy. Check it out here. All feedback welcome. Does anyone know how or where I get it listed on the ETN list of vendors ? I read somewhere about a “Founding Fathers” site that lists sites using ETN


Thanks. Where do I change the name ?

Click your icon (dark circle) top right corner of the screen and then the little cog on top right of in the dropdown menu to get to “Preferences”.

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Hi, don’t know about “Founding Fathers” but feel free to submit your business details here to be included in the Business Directory at the ETN_A Library!


Thanks I was trying it on my phone. Sorted now :slight_smile:

Indeed it is! : )    

Thank you for your online submission! You’ve been added to the Directory! :+1::+1:


Thanks you very much

Got it thanks for the help