Found an ETN Hodler πŸ˜‚




The everyday ETN day. Happy Days


I know the pain, I feel the pain, never mind we over 200sats! Pain is gone! lol Love it!


No pain no gain… i have heard


I agree the pain is hard but patience is the key and one day your patience will pay off :sunglasses:


I Hope so, i just want it so i can buy the moon and charge Elon musk when he starts chartering people to the moon, because we all ready are there :slight_smile:


I came to check on the HODLER, @B.F.A we should go give him some hot chocolate :joy:


hodl like crazy and don’t ever let go


This keeps cracking me up.


Joy to the world a king is born


We are still HODLING! Wind is up by 289% :joy: