Forum Profile vs Wallet Profile

I am confused as to why there is no link to the forum from your wallet account. Is this actually two different sites, so logging in on here will not log you in your wallet.

In addition there is not link from your wallet to the forum or on the website.

sorry for a basic question.

The wallet and the forum are only linked by logging in at the moment.


Logging into the forum separate from the wallet got it. I don’t see where i can get to the wallet from the forum?

I’d actually prefer to have to the option to change the password for the forum itself and make it separate from the wallet login. I log in from work, so there are concerns of password breach. But I can see it being a benefit as members already have an account, so it is less of an obstacle to get involved. It’s about the numbers.


You need to open a new tab and log into the my.electroneum wallet. You only need to log into this forum with your electroneum login to make sure that the only people who can comment and be a part of this forum are genuine users.

I’ll see if there’s a possible option for that.:innocent:


I Think the Easiest and best way would be to log into your account at my.electroneum and then be able to click a link to the Forum page Cos then you would have to be a registered user in order to Access the forum…:grin::grin::grin::ok_hand:

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Good idea!! I really like the direction the this forum.

Hi why is my user setings changing every time i log in?

Can you please be more specific?
If its your settings on your community account, I guess, you might not be saving the setting.

i always get welcome new user and my last user setting is gone, is like getting a new profile every time, i don’t understand why

Did you save the settings?

yes i saved but is doesnt seem to help


Can you please check on this issue and help @092f123442625aefc9e1… Many thanks

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i tried once more to update my email, and i got and error that it was already in use

I have forwarded the issue to the concerned person. He should help you if there is anything wrong.

THX i iam a bite confused:)