Forum Fortnight Anniversary

The Electroneum Community Forum is two weeks old!

In just 14 days we’ve had 785 Topics created and 14,346 posts posted. Talk about a flying start!

But it’s still early days. We want YOUR thoughts on how we can move this forum to the next level.

What do you want more of? What content would you like us to post? This is as much your forum as it is ours and we want to make it the heart of the ETN Community. Tell us what you want to see in the comments below…

By far one of the most exciting places to be right now. It’s great to have so many like-minded people in one community, and also so many people from the team to help answer questions and clarify issues.

My suggestion, please keep the core team guys as active on the forum as they are now. It’s always great to see posts from Richard, Egg, Rachel, Imogen, and the other core members. That’s one big reason I keep coming back here…


First of all i must say thanks for the forum, i really enjoy it.

The forum preforms good and looks good. I would like it to also function as a gateway in to ETN crypto markets, crypto news from around the world. Have a night mode. Dedicated place for TA analyse and info about things like that. I want the forum to be my social, news and financial platform for cryptos. I want it all :slight_smile:

The most important thing is that is must be used and have room for everybody, a happy place.

Happy days

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Brilliant place to hang out . Love it

What I would like to see is ;

The latest etn price ticker top of screen
A button to change to dark if wanted

Mostly I would like to see

News news news , updates the future sneak peaks etc etc. Make certain news exclusive to this community only . Obviously it would get out but we would hear it first …

Keep up the good work . Love this team


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I really enjoy this forum and its only becoming better every day and more people slowly are joining in and i agree @benjaminoo when you see the ETN team members around that gives you a good feeling that they are interacting with all of us as much as they can :blush:

And @B.F.A i would like night mode also the white page is burning my eyes :roll_eyes: and hey we could generate more news and trading view news together about the market what we all already kinda been doing :wink:

And Agreed @Plankton_ETN a price ticker on the forum would be nice to i always have to check the current price outside the forum :thinking:

One suggestion i do have for the ETN Team is to first put all the news and such on the forum before releasing it onto other social media that way more people might join the forum just to stay really well informed about the current state of ETN :thinking:

I still think that an ETN tipping system on the forum would be super awesome :thinking:

And maybe in the future have more faster way to go to Exchanges or to buy and sell ETN while staying engaged on the forum :thinking:

I think most of these ideas are also really great:

But i’ve seen many more good ideas to improve the forum :open_mouth:

All i can say is we have a great community and it’s only getting better and better every single day on the forum! :cowboy_hat_face:


a messenger app would be great like face book messenger, for when we are on the run.
Some sneak peaks or teasers would be awesome, or cryptic clues would create some massive buzz!!!

Only that, as someone on Twitter said, the topics shouldn’t be created so randomly. Maybe the moderators or the administrators should consider dividing the discussions into somewhat related subjects.
But, as Richard stated, they wanted this forum just to let everyone express themselves, because on Telegram there were many times when on different topics, there were some incredible comments which didn’t get the recognition they deserved.
So I believe it is a bit hard to make peace with everyone, but this current form is spot on.

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Oh well, thanks for the quote :smiley: