Fortnite? the obvious golden goose?


@CryptoMatt great idea. What did you select in the dropdown menu for “what best describes your enquiry”? I want to make sure it ends up in the right department


well I selected “problems with buying”. :smiley:


Done :nerd_face::+1:


I was wondering it would be nice to have some of the Fortnite Pro players on Youtube promote ETN, I know NicK EH 30 has close to 4 million subscribers and his channel is family friendly.


Someone could reach out to Ninja since he’s the most popular Fortnite player there is with an insanely huge following.


For twitch he is the biggest on you tube its Nick Eh 30.


Either one of those guys would be great.


No idea i’m not remotely into Fortnite myself not my type of game although I am an avid gamer. But perhaps those of us here that do follow it could attempt reaching out to them and perhaps get them respond and see where it goes from there in regards to ETN.

They could easily get ETN to the Fortnite team if they thought it was viable.


We need to get in contact with EPIC games.


That would probably be a better option in all honesty. It’d be awesome to see ETN hit the gaming industry in a big way. I think it’d do really well in this space, it’s a perfect fit really.


@MUENORTCELE I think if you want them to promote ETN you may need to investigate the methods in which they accept “tips/donations” from viewers of their live streams (on youtube, twitch, mixer)… currently one of the payment platforms has started allowing streamers to accept bitcoin/litecoin and working to integrate ETN to that would be an ideal step to reach not just say one streamer on one platform but any streamer who accepts payments from viewers to them through crypto…


That’s a great idea Bane, you know it made me think that perhaps in time ETN could do it’s own platform like Patreon too. That’s been working really well for a lot of content creators all types. Thoughts?

If anyone isn’t familiar with this service you can take a look.


I wouldn’t want them to create their own platform, thats a lot of work for a small group of people, I think it would be easier to work on integrating with the companies that already handle that and specialize in it… rather than compete against, work with them as an added value to their customers, the streamers… you don’t always have to make your own things, sometimes you just have to tie into the existing ones and let them handle all the rest of the work associated with it…

P.S. but basically they compliment them well, with their own form of “subscription” payments services like patreon could in fact set that up for content creators, other cryptos lack that functionality so its one way to set Electroneum apart when approaching them… “hey you like subscriptions, we can offer that”…


That’s true and I had considered that as well actually. That would work much better in this instance on top of the fact they’ve already got a lot on their plate as it is. Maybe the community could also send in request to Patreon about wanting them to integrate ETN. This would be a really good partnership opportunity for Electroneum and bring a lot of exposure.



We at our studio are making this happen we have added electroneum as in-app purchase token and also for reward where you can play and win reward

Play color shifter and win reward


Guys anyone noticed that the electroneums twitter has added Fortnites Official Account. Interesting still unlikely to have a partnership but imagine!