Fortnite? the obvious golden goose?

I know someone made a video mocking the idea… but…

whats the target age range, whats available on all platforms, who wants something for free? what needs instant redemption? in-app Fortnite purchasers…

Fortnite is free to play, Electroneum is free to use, a trickling of coins to tickle their fancy and use to get free in-app items? the golden goose? with over 50 million players, many who are early adopters, they seem like a fit…

the back-end for Electroneum seems well designed for instances like this, I know they steered away from gaming to get the “unbanked” but perhaps its time to take a look back and apply it to the big dog sweeping the market…

are there any other games that might be easier to convince? or is this a case of shooting for the moon and never looking back?

League of Legends too!

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Great idea surely gaming is still on their agenda also.

And Roblox too, my daughter asked me the other day if I could use Electroneum to buy her Robux

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Great idea but Any digital game really of you think about it should accept crypto as a form of payment… they both live in the same world’s…


I’m not a Fortnite guy myself but I’m down with it. It’d be massive exposure.

I think Steam would be great too, it’s massive for those not familiar take a look.

I have to add the Playstation store & Playstation Plus memberships with ETN would be huge too.


To add to PlayStation store a huge potential is EA sports. They always have tournaments going it seems that would bring a lot of exposure. Also any subscription based online game would work such as Xbox live, twitch, Wow and any like EA sports tournaments they have. Even Google play store would be huge for all the micro transaction payments. I believe these types of partnerships could be greatly beneficial in a few ways. Imo they have a plan set for where they are going to start in the gaming ecosystem and I’m very excited to see where things go, the potential is never ending :zap:


You’re right, the gaming industry would be monstrous for ETN collectively and it only grows every year. Also Blizzard is another company that would do well with Electroneum. With Overwatch, WoW, Starcraft Diablo etc would do well. Also they have Diablo 4 in the works which is going to sell like hotcakes.

I think ETN is going to be a household name in time, I really do. It’s just a gut feeling that I have.


I wanted to add, gamers are already very used to in game forms of currency so they’re already quite accustomed to things similar to crypto. They’d adapt to something like ETN very very easily.


I feel as if they go hand in hand it will be interesting to see how Electroneum enters the space I think the gaming industry will be another great part of the ecosystem someday.


I absolutely agree and they’re well on the way especially as of late, 2019 is going to be a huge year for ETN. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the MWC coming in a couple months. So curious about the 2 secret projects mentioned.


I’m right there with you I’m thrilled for the future :zap:


Xbox , ps , Nintendo etc etc they all have digital downloads , tbh I’m very surprised these major companies haven’t already accepted crypto , it’s not like it’s that hard to add it or sell it especially seen as they have massive tech departments etc.

When it does happen etn has to be the first … :new_moon:


Steam already did payment with bitcoins. Since there were problems with downtime, exchanges got hacked, they sayd they did say they looking for a SAFE alternative coin but didnt say a year anything bout it.


Yeah I remember hearing about that and I just checked and they did remove bitcoin. Found it on the official site.

ETN would literally be a perfect match if they’re looking for a safe crypto. We will be long term I feel much more stable than BTC ever could and we’ve got cold storage coming for making coins far safer, going with international regulations & I think any business would love the instant payment system. Let’s hope they manage to work with all the companies listed in the thread one day.


@Plankton_ETN @J5Alive @PrestoCrypto @ETNCEO

look at this recent article about Fortnite and Monero they had live for a day, and the responses from Epic the game creators… they talked about why they hesitated to accept Bitcoin and why they stopped Monero, and when you read the reason, it would seem that Electroneum fills the gaps and solves the issues they have…

basically worried about fraud and privacy which can be alleviated using the back-end with Electroneum, not to mention the “instant” back-end transfers which would tie in much better than waiting for confirms on the other chains… so reading the article you can see some of their concerns are managed already…

then you look at articles like this and see teens are actually asking for v-bucks and crypto as presents, that is a dramatic shift in culture to want online currencies to make purchases over receiving gift cards for traditional stores… this is why capitalizing on something like gaming is a great fit, times are changing…


That first article defiantly sounds like they should be using Electroneum imo

Absolutely while ETN stripped out some privacy they kept stealth addresses so that I believe would easily meet their needs in that aspect. Also as you said, the instant payment is perfect well for any company who want’s to integrate crypto at all.

ETN matches so many criteria needed far more than any other out there. Deals like this to me are very very possible. As Electroneum gains more exposure I think we’ll see a load of businesses attracted to it wanting to use it as a form of payment. I have no doubt at all really, it just has all the necessary features for it.

Also it’s good that Richard and the team are putting that new infrastructure into place to jump from accommodating 20 million users to 200 million +. That means they’ll be ready for deals of this caliber.

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I completely agree.
Maybe everyone of us should fill out the contact form here and ask them to accept ETN :slight_smile:

Its just 1 min of your time. You never know what could happen.


@CryptoMatt great idea. What did you select in the dropdown menu for “what best describes your enquiry”? I want to make sure it ends up in the right department