Fork and New Customer

Good Afternoon. I Just posted this query but somehow it got deleted immediately, not sure that I broke any rules by asking but if yes please let me know accordingly.

Well here goes again, Was there an update given with regards to the Fork and the customer that had to be onboarded soon after?

I was under the impression that these were due for June. Any details on why the fork was needed or the end product of said fork.

Thanks in advance for your replies

Hello and welcome to the community!

Richard first said the fork would be coming in June, then he said 2 weeks (which would have been June 27th)

However, In Richard’s last video he said the fork would be “in the coming weeks”. No one knows exactly when the fork will happen at this point but I am sure it will be very soon.

Why the fork is needed isn’t really known but as a guess I would say to reduce block emissions and speed up transaction times by making the transactions lighter.

Richard also stated that the fork was introducing something “radical”. Best guess on what that is :slight_smile:


Thanks Let’s see what comes up then


I dont see why everyone wants to know when this fork is happening. Based on the things we know “as of now” there is nothing that demands we must fork.

The BC is running fine, the mem pool is always cleared, block rewards are diminishing every minute of every day. There’s no urgent need for any fork.

The only reason that people want it to happen has to be because they just simply want to know what it will mean to the upcoming partnerships. There is no technical reason whatsoever.

It is even more baffling why anyone is in a hurry for it to happen, or why they complain because its running a little behind the forecasted implimentation suggested. Miners should be unaffected as i doubt theres any algorithm changes so there doesnt need to be any huge advance notice needing to be given.

For all we know they want the date kept hush hush to avoid any likelyhood of a network attack being planned pre fork, as the fork happens. Who knows! But point is… its not important for any reason whatsoever apart from investors being nosey.

On a side note: any fork can majorly fck up the blockchain, so it must be absolutely done right and tested many times over to make sure the code changes are spot on exact or this non urgent fork could be a total disaster. If it takes 2 more months to get right, LEAVE THEM BE!

This is not directed at the OP but to everyone complaining about a delay.


The fork introducing “something radical” is what I’m interested in Colin. What have they got that’s all new and shiny and a first again? You know we like any sort of news, it’s all progress. :grin:

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yep and the fact that it “unlocks” other countries. This fork is very important as it is the only thing stopping the expansion into other countries


Yes, there’s almost certainly more to it than just nerd tech. They’ve gotta get it right as @ColinSTE said above. Perfect Preparation Prevents P… Poor Performance. We all know they are working at it HARD.

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Nothing is more important than getting it right. Time means nothing compared to a broken Blockchain.

Remember the very simple fork in March 2018, that resulted in a BC jam for almost 2 weeks. That was the result of a very simple code implementation. This fork by the sounds of it will be much more complex and i for one sure hope they take their time and get it right.

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Absolutely. It needs to be done correctly and by all means take the time to do so.

I was just stating why the fork is so important and why people want it so bad

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