Forecast of Electroneum price


Personally I think before the year ends Electroneum would be $0.5 any fair suggestions??


0,05 would be FINE and 10* :slight_smile: but if the bullrun starts again everything is possible :wink:


Yes yes let’s hope and see what the future holds


Here you have historical data because we are sitting at 200 billion marketcap so check it here:


$1 and I would be able to retire and live a modest lifestyle. just wish I had more fiat to buy more. :grin:


The mainstream economy is going to crash very soon. It might happen before the end of the year. When that happens crypto will explode. The companies with a working product like ETN are going to go ballistic. We are in the very early days now but you can see how ETN has done over time and getting the partnerships going. You will see this coin very high in the future. It can easily be 20$ in the future. Anyone who can hold it that long will make a fortune in the long run. The question is will you sell before it reaches its fullest potential haha. I think when it starts to hit a dollar etc people will start to sell out. Its only natural. I hope to use it in Egypt in the next few months but at the same time feel it might be too soon haha. Maybe better to hold it a bit longer…


I think Etn will definitely cross the previous highest price of 23cents by December /31/2018.if the market is bullish I hope 1$ by 31 March 2019


yeah adoption is key - if the payment system can be implemented in a lot of places and people are using it then it will be a very good coin to have. It needs to be easier to purchase out side of exchanges so everyday people can access it. There are still a lot of people who won’t be ever able to figure out exchanges.


Yeah and each mobile carrier has a network of 100ks and millions, but will vary in the adoption on each of them for using ETN. But is one of the two best ways to get wide spread adoption. ETN will work that as well as social media platoforms. It will be super fast but won’t happen in a day. :):grin:

It is very exciting days now for Electroneum!!!


Yes agree with you a lot of people talk to me where I can buy directly with euro or our national currency. Because they don’t want 1st buy BTC and register at coinbase or coinmate and then another exchange… If we have some retailers or shops where you can buy directly it will be game changer…


Yeahhh fiat etn pairs would be game changer…