For the Freedom of it all!


So the time has come and maybe that’s today maybe tomorrow maybe a year from now or 20 and you have earned a boat load of ETN and cashed out (in this scenario). What changes or plans do you have with the ETN you have earned and cashed out? Curious is all! Cheers and have a great day!


Hmm if i got enough i would but a Nice little house and start my own business :thinking: and of course buy an Audi, Kawasaki ninja and american muscle for the weekend but of course This all depends on what i would sell ETN for Else i might end up with only the Kawasaki ninja :yum:


I really didn’t think as far as cashing out. I always vision retail stores in my area (which is Los Angeles) to except etn as a fourm of payment and that is the way I would be spending it. Cashing out large sums of cryto isn’t as easy as one would think.


I could not agree with you more. It really is interesting in the power it gives us to potentially change our lives. For me it could be buying a house, creating homes for homeless, etc. To a farmer in Africa it could extend their life for years to come, get medical aid and much needed assistance to communities everywhere and so on and so on. I think it would be cool to see the aftermath of what people actually do when their lives will be altered forever due to ETN! It is seriously awesome!


Ray Dalio said that an individuals true wealth is his or hers time and freedom or something along those lines, and i guess if I could win back my time and freedom I would be a very happy man!


Well said! I believe that we are only here for a limited time and that what we choose to do with that time should be meaningful, fulfilling and at least for me fun! Enjoy what you do, do what you can, someone once said people don’t plan to fail but quite often they fail to have a plan. ETN has given me a plan. lol, actually many of them, and for that I am very happy!


Haha, you’re thinking too much ahead! :slight_smile:


buy my parents a nice car, if ETN moons get them a nice house that they well deserve!


and don’t tell the in-laws I’m hodling on to a big stash of ETN!


The first thing I will do is take a month off for a $10.000 vacation to Bahamas or something like that.
I will have the time to reflect upon how my life changed and what I should do next.


I gotta stay positive right :yum:


A big old plot of land , where I can have a log cabin built . Have some animals and just relax for the rest of my days…


I hear you brother!
This is the single most important thing to have in life, peace!