For anyone wondering.


Level 1 was instant.
It took me about 30 minutes to download Yoti and scan my ID to Yoti. Then I uploaded my bank statement to the website and they approved it the next day.
I just submitted a pay stub for level 3 yesterday and I woke up to an email that it was approved. KYC can take 2 days for level 3 if you have your documents in order. :+1:


I found it an easy exercise as well.


Lucky you.
For us it takes billlion years.


How come? 20 characters


Electroneum is working on a streamline method to be verified in countries where yoti doesn’t support ids yet. They are going to get everyone able to be verified soon thank you for your patience it won’t be much longer no worries :+1:


…Who are you? Lol. Are you part of the team?


No I’m not I’m just a supporter and community member :+1: