Food Production

If you wanted to launch a coin of your own, who what when where and how would you start.

I would like to start a project in the real world for decentralized food production and launch a coin to fund the project development.

I just watched the bitcoin documentary titled “Cryptopia” on Amazon Prime a few days ago and they talked to some founders of other altcoin projects and covered a little of all the BTC forked coins.

I can’t remember what Ethereum based ERC20 token it was, but it basically exists for the purpose of creating ICO’s and new Ethereum based tokens.

Sorry, what Crypto it is exactly is not coming to mind right now.

Let me look at coin market cap and see if it jogs my memory.

I remember Sean Davis covering a project a few yars back where it’s main function was for anyone to have the ability to ceate a new crypto blockchain without any technical skills. It might be the same I’m thinking of from the Documentary.

Nevermind, I skimmed through it again to the part I was referring to and they were just talking to the Ethereum creator guy or maybe it was the ERC20 creator.


This sounds similar to what ARK is doing with its deployer software that is free. Anyone can create their own blockchain very quickly and easily. The software is scalable so side chains can all link up if they want to but because they run on their own native blockchain its way more efficient over Ethereum.


How would one market the decentralized food production coin and the concept of funding the project through the coin? Anyone? Thoughts?

Most ICO’s just wrote short whitepapers.

I’d run your idea by a platform that exists to promote ICO startups or possibly one of those platforms have some kind of idea incubator if you’re willing to take on an advisor or partners.

You’d probably want to protect your idea with an NDA or w/e before giving out too many details.

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