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Nice. Hope you will like it because is tje recipe of my pizza :heart:


There’s no doubt. I will use this constantly. Thanks very much.


Hi Stefo,
When you say" seed oil"
Can you elaborate please?
I am familiar with the method, no problem.
We used to make pizza for the masses in a hippy commune in this way…thanks


I’m assuming nut oil.


Meh also…theres so many and olive oil is already so fragrant.
Im a stickler for rice bran oil…high burning point and exceptionally healthy.
It is the only oil you should use for wooden utensils as it does not grow mould(chopping boards etc.)


Part one is done :man_cook:


Avocado and Stilton on Sourdough.

Just the ticket for hungry little vikings!


The pizza was :hearts::hearts::hearts::hearts::hearts:


OK so sorry. I suggest sunflower oil because is the lighter than the other seeds oil, and give to the pasta a nice flavour AMD smell. I like nuts oil, but is a little much fat for pizza.


Sorry but i forgot to see the notifications. Well, pasta looks nice. Now you have to separate that pasta in balls of 250/300 grammi. So, that soil of pizza looks nice. In the ovens se have at home, the important is the Cook, because it works on lowest temperature. In fact, the doses for flour are a bit different for professional pizza. At work, i use 1,720/1,750 kg per liter, because i work on 350° and less cooking time (2 minutes max). At home, at 250°, it takes more time, andò if you put 1,750g, it becomes like a wooden stick. Noto crisp but hard


Looks nice. Congrats. Hired as help :joy::joy::joy:


I used seed oil from sunflower, next pizza with banana and curry


Toasted Coconut Pie

3 Eggs
1 ½ cups Sugar (I just use 1 cup)
1 stick Butter
1 teaspoon Vanilla
4 teaspoons Lemon Juice
1 1/3 cups Coconut
1 Deep Dish Pie Crust

Use a cookie pan with sides and line with aluminum foil. Spread coconut in a thin layer in the pan. While preheating oven to 350 put the coconut in the oven and toast until brown – up to 15 minutes or so. Once toasted you will have a giant tuille of coconut. Wrap the aluminum sides together like a container to crumble the sheet into toasted coconut flakes.

Melt butter. Beat eggs. Add butter, vanilla, lemon juice, and coconut to eggs. Pour into pie shell (uncooked) and bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes (mine have taken 50 minutes).

Ooey gooey deliciousness with very little effort!



That looks so good,
I’ll be passing that one on to my daughter thanks!


It takes minutes to make you get the pie crust at the supermarket in the freezer section I double the lemon make sure crust is deep dish it takes a few minutes to make. Double the recipe for 2 pies as when you buy the crust they only sale 2 crusts per pack.


I have food tips for you all. I worked in the industry forever (was a professional chef for 22 years) and learned a few things along the way. Best method to peel garlic that actually works you need to get through the ad but this saves time and is in one word: Awesome! Remember vigorous for 20 seconds!

Also if you use a knife block insert your knives into your knife block upside down. It will keep the blade sharper longer!

Want perfect rice every time, my favorite chef Micheal Smith has a wonderful tip here,

Check out some of these inspired tips and tricks, what works for them in their version of exactly what we are doing on this forum, check this out at

He (Michael Smith) also posts many a great tip I have found literally awesome to know:

I finally part with one odd trick to solve hiccups. It works 100% of the time taught to me from my mom a million years ago. If someone is having hiccups it is because their equilibrium is off. Get them to hold their fingers in their ears (yes I am actually being serious) While they are doing that you get them to drink a cup of water you are giving them. The water resets the equilibrium and will stop the hiccups. They must drink the whole glass of water while their fingers are in their ears. It sounds goofy as **** and originally I call bull**** on it. To date I have literally used it about 50 times on various people with various levels of hiccup intensity over a 10 year period (millions of years ago) No clue what the more scientific explanation is but it works! IN EVERY SINGLE situation it worked with someone that had the hiccups!!!

I will post more when I have time. For those of you that have pinterest I post many a food recipe there. Here is my real world link to food that satisfies the soul!

Enjoy eating everyone and I hope some of these tips you will find very useful!!!

Much Love- Thunder


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Wattsy’s Saag Aloo Paneer Balti. (this will rely on you having a continental store for massallas or you can google them if you are all clever and kitcheny).

Sorry, I can’t do imperial measurements.

750g baby potatoes.
1kg Red onions
1 large spanish onion.
1 Cinnamon stick
2 tsp Garam masalla
1 tbsp of Balti masalla.
1 small chunk of ginger (about the size of a standard dice).
2 tsp Ground Paprika
1 tsp Ground chilli powder.
1 tbsp Turmeric
650ml single cream.
Fresh coriander.
Half a bulb of Garlic
Big bag of spinach ( or a large can)
1 bottle of red wine.
Four chillis, nothing too hot unless you’re mad.
1 pack of paneer (200g is good).
4 cold beers.
Black Pepper.
Two vegetable stock cubes.
2 cans of tomatoes, buy the best you can.
1 tbsp of tomato paste.
200g Mushrooms
Three ‘salad’ peppers

My method:

Open beer number one and start to drink (it’s what proper chefs do.)

Use a nice big stock pot.

Boil around a litre of water adding a tsp of rock salt and about half a tsp of pepper, just guess it will be fine and throw in the stock cubes,.

Peel and add all of the onions and Garlic (top tip if you don’t already know use the flat of your knife to squash the garlic then the skin comes off really easily,) and throw in a chilli and the ginger.
Get a sieve and balance it in the pan and place the cinnamon stick in there. (they are a right B~@~: to find later on!

Boil for about an hour until everything has gone soft and finish of that beer. Pass your time on the forum chatting.

Remove the sieve and cinnamon stick and chuck it away.

Open beer number two.

Throw in both cans of tomatoes and the tomato paste. Add the chilli,turmeric, paprika, garam massalla and balti massalla, chuck in half a bottle of red wine.

Take off the heat for ten mins, then using a hand blender blitz it until smooth.

Finish beer two.

Open beer three, chop all of your ingredients you have left up except the potatoes and the cheese.

Chuck everything in except the paneer and leave it to simmer for around 45 mins.

Chat on the forum some more.

Slice the paneer into cubes and fry on a high heat quickly until they start to slightly brown and throw them in the big pot.

Take off heat and stir in cream to taste, remember to add and taste, you cannot take it out! Leave it for five minutes and serve with generous ripped up coriander on top…remembering you have that last beer to drink with your meal.

For added happiness serve flat breads ( as they are easy to make.: big pot of natural full fat yogurt, plain flour and baking powder, I guess when I make this so just pour out flour and add in yogurt and half a tsp of baking powder, knead. Knead some more. Break off small balls and roll into flat bread shapes, throw in the oven on baking paper at 180c for about five minutes, watch them or they will be burnt.