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Yes, but if you want you can use the red, nothing happens. White is reccomanded. The important is the cooking. More it boils in the tomato, the best flavour it have. And at least it should be creamy. We wait your recipe. Next days i try to write the pizza’s pasta


Often, i’ve cooked also with beer. A different taste, but still good


I do hope you like it, it’s taken me ten years of messing around to get it good. I love cooking, I’m no professional though. Will you post up how to make a good pizza dough please, I have always wanted to try making one from scratch.


Yes yes, recipe and walkthrough, don’t worry


This is for using on a sandwich and i used Google Translate

Lag gravlaks. You will not regret it
It takes a couple of days to dig the salmon, but then you get a lot of good food you can proudly serve. Here is the lightweight recipe.

Creating their own gravlaks is easier than many think, and the course is of course on every cold table or for a party in the middle of the week as here. But gravlaks on the menu require planning, so we understand that it is easy to choose the store team instead.

You can use the rest of the gravlaksen in a salad or you can grill it. Should you first grill it, just take care not to salt the salmon too much when digging it. The salt flavor is concentrated by heat treatment. Therefore, home-made gravlaks are the safest choice for barbecuing.

You can also make the Gravlaksen your own by digging with the beer or widow you like best.
For gravlak’s it tastes perfect with a fresh and lightly floral white wine

Remove all bones from the fish fillets and wipe them well. Mix salt, sugar and white pepper and rub the mixture well into the fish fillets on both sides.

Add dill to the bottom of a mold or a dish. Put half the fish fillets with the skin side down in the dish over the dill.

Sprinkle salt / spice mixture and plenty of dill over the fillets. Put the next file with the meat side down and put dill on top, sprinkle over the rest of the salt / spice mixture.

If desired, the fillets can be dripped with 3-4 tablespoons of cognac or dry white wine.

Cover the fish and leave it cold for 2 days, turn it a few times a day. Cut the fish into thin slices and serve it with stewed potatoes and mustard sauce.

Tip: If you want a different flavor variant, replace the dill with about 1 dl crushed juniper berries and drizzle 2-3 tablespoons apex over the meat sides of the fish fillets. Salt, sugar and coarse pepper as before. This you can serve with cream and coarse bread

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That looks quite the treat!
I buy one from an artissan bakery here in Australia.
Very similiar but yours gets the blue ribbon…I can nearly smell it!!
Forty squirrels!


Can you link me the original norvegian? I try to translate to italian. Many words don’t think count back… So, i really love salmon, and with sashimi of salmon i can really die


This have a lot of strong tastes


Aaaaaaah is salmone marinato!!! Don’t know how is called in english, but i really love this kind of dishes. Yuuuuum i’ll try soooooon


I’ve found an italian page on wikipedia for grav laks


I us to fish salmon and many other fishes. Sometimes when we go out with the boat, my wife start to cook the potatoes and make all ready so when the fish coms on board i gut it and straight to the cooker. so i turn of the engine and we eat fresh fish less than 20 min old only to the sound of the waves

This is cod


That looks prime.
I used to fish recreationally with mates through my childhood…sometimes a day outing …other times over several days on fishing expeditions.
First thing we’d always do prior to the dawn was get a good fire going and leave it to reduce to coals whilst we fished.
Gutted and gilled straight into the coals as is was just the bomb.about ten to fifteen minutes cooking…as soon as the flesh seperates from the bone otherwise youre losing the moisture from the flesh.
Laid on a “bush plate” sticks or whatevers clean …a rock or whatever you carefully peel back the skin revealing the luscious untainted flesh.
No washing up required!!


Nice! Is a dream to eat some fish from the boat!! Wow


Like @Pahini say on the campfire is also awesome. I have some of my gaming friends visiting me a few times, and they come from UK and Netherland. I took them once toa lake and we baked trout in a campfire and another time trip we went to the coast and did seafood and cod on the campfire. If you see it on tv you can 10X the taste in real life when some blood sweat and tears are involved in catching that fish :slight_smile:


Today, its sashimi, soya, rice and a salmon dip ala Jokke


Ingredients for one liter of water (about 5 pans of pizza.Dormats to be halved according to your needs):
1 liter of lukewarm water
1.6 kilos of flour
20 grams of yeast
30 grams of salt
a tablespoon of seed oil
a spoonful of olive oil


in a large container put the water and melt the yeast.
Add salt and seed oil and continue stirring until dissolved.
Add the flour and mix well so that no lumps remain in the mixture, handling on a table if necessary.
When the dough is well-polished (I know you are expert chefs and you know how to distinguish), sprinkle it with olive oil and let it rise in a convenient place and well covered with a slightly damp cloth.
When the dough doubles in volume (about 3 hours later), subdivide into balls of about 300 grams and leave to rise again in a not very oiled baking pan with seed oil (again, about 3 hours).
When the balls are soft and soft, gently crush them with the fingertips along the edges of the pan. Season them at your leisure using mozzarella, tomato, ham or anything you want. We often also make pizzas with nutella. very good.
Oh I forgot. The ideal temperature for pizza at home is around 250 ° for about 10/12 minutes, but each oven has its cooking time. so I suggest you check that the edges are crisp and golden.

I’ve used translator. Hope it has suggested the right terms.
I suggest to prepare the dough the day before, because it takes long time. In case you want to male the dough the day before, you must close it in an hermetic box and put it into the fridge.


Test plan made, weekend pizza trail is in route. Big THX


Hope you will like it. If you want post some pics :pizza::pizza::pizza:


Your translator worked perfectly @Stefo
Perfecto Bro…
Better than my English!..certainly 300% on my Italian!


Yes, yes, yes! This is one of the greatest gifts ever! I love pizza almost as much as my family. Sunday is Pizza day this week!