FoLEx exchange will list ETN!


Told the guys from FoLEx to list ETN, here we are:

It will launch the 16th this november. Happy trading on!

Maybe ETN team can put out an announcement?


Great job, The more exchanges comes in the better for us. SOON :rocket::rocket::rocket:


great news thanks for sharing


THX i like it and well done


great work. Thank you


Launch is delayed.

Unfortunately we have to inform you that we have to postpone the start of our Exchange by 2 weeks to December 1st, 2018.
At the moment we are still missing a license that allows us to offer the service of Cryptohandels.
This process of licensing takes longer than planned and forces us to make this decision.


Great news regardless of delay .
Another step to mass adoption…
Thanks for sharing…I’ll post a like later (im out again!)
Twenty squirrels!