Flying Mode Activated


Etn Flying mode activated. I amazing happy.

Etn 102 satoshi. Finally Etn Team effort result will give. :tada::tada::boom::boom::boom:


104 now with 108 high last hour! Market cap of $52m USD and a rank now 97 out of 1977!!!


Looks very nice indeed, now at 111 sats. However, dont get carried away, as it normally dumps after a run such as this. Lets hope it does not go below 86 sats when it does, then builds again later.

Exciting none the less.


Some good FOMO setting in. Sitting at 122 sats right now :slight_smile:


Wow. Amazing! The price may come back but the delivery is real :slight_smile:


I hope that is exactly what it is. The total market cap is not rising that much compared to recent activity. But i fear its another pump and dump. Hope iam 100% wromg however.


133 sats!! How far can it go before it dips?


Itโ€™s fine if the price retracts a bit. In fact a healthy market should expect it. What this does indicate though is that there have been plenty of ETN supporters sitting on the sideline waiting for a good price to get in, and now that the plans are in action, everyone is running to catch the leaving bus! They were too complacent.

This coin has been way undervalued!


Now at 134 up 60%! Ranked jumped to 82!!! Be cool if it stays up and consolidates.


200 and then finds support at 137 until october


Lol, this is bonkers! It will reach $0,01.5 today!
@M-Kid This feels nice, doesnโ€™t it? :smiley:


Fundamentals tell me it should rise more but market antics tell me it will likely retrace.


Hopefully. Donโ€™t wanna throw some FUD or something like that, but I wanted to buy some more and I missed it just before it rose from half a cent.


Sure does, I have been purchasing etn like crazy this morning, got to keep this rally going. Really got sick of watching our price get $hit on every time we had some good news. We donโ€™t look like a $hit coin anymore! FOMO has begun and I will continue to fan the FOMO flames. You are welcome to go Kucoin and watch the sell orders get cleared right up, I have lots of BTC ready to go! :wink:


Do you think it will go back a bit?


I was going to buy 10 times more but may have missed it at these prices, but will see if retrace etc.


buying it at 1 cent at this point is smart, it will easily reach 10 cents within a yearโ€ฆ therefore 10x gains


Nice one our own BTC whale becoming an ETN whale :slight_smile: happy breeching!


Our price is so undervalued even at $.008 right now it is not even funny, we are catching fire and when people see us up what we are we are going to pump in price. I think today will be the last day you ever see ETN under 1 penny.


I know, but given the fact that a few hours ago it was at half a cent, why to lose tens of thousands of ETN I could get at half a cent?