First ETN advertising i've seen on the web...WOW...Have a look for yourself.....!

First Advertising on the web that i’ve seen anywhere.!!! Is this the beginning of the Marketing/advertising campaign…!!! ( only kidding…!!)

YEAH BABY…!..:sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:…(

Haha if the ETN team are marketing clothing I think we should all be very worried of course this isn’t the ETN team its someone else selling ETN merch??

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No…Absolutely…But nice to see a random advert with the ETN logo on…On a non crypto webpage…:wink::wink:

That is What they call targeted marketing my friend :wink:


lol, somehow every website knows im buying the RTX2080Ti anytime now

What about this, maybe the first money spent on a Facebook add??

Looks a bit like action bronson to me… :joy:

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I saw very similar on twitter (same character, different message)
Great to see some advertising push!!