First Electroneum Instant Payments Woocommerce integration


No problem glad to help :smiley:


what if , I only have web wallet?


This is awesome! Love love it!


Good day. Is this a plugin and is it available?


It is in fact a plugin. It should already be available in the Wordpress directory if you search for “electroneum”, but hold off for another few hours before you install. I’ve uploaded a new version (version 1.1.1) but I’m just waiting for Wordpress to compile the new ZIP files. It takes them a few hours given the large amount of plugins and updates they work with.


No problem, just click the QR code and the payment details are neatly transferred to the web wallet system for easy payment. Give it a try! It will only cost you a cent. You can test and report, and we’d appreciate any feedback.

have a great day!




Thanks for the compliments! I uploaded it to the directory earlier today, but WordPress gave the plugin another directory name than what I anticipated. So some of the Javascript includes did not work (including the one generating the QR code). I updated it immediately but WordPress takes a few hours to compile a new download zip file from the source code.

At least everyone that installs now will get an update prompt once the new zip file is generated.


Alright, it should all be working now.

You can now search for the plugin by typing “electroneum” into the Wordpress directory and simply install it from there. Much easier than before!


Thanks sir @benjaminoo I appreciate


on my HTTPS domain i get after activation this:
Fatal error: Can’t use function return value in write context in /data/web/virtuals/88834/virtual/www/domains/ on line 141

on other HTTP domain it works perfect, what i do wrong?


I think it has something to do with passing expressions to the empty() function on line 141, instead of a variable.

Do you know the PHP versions of your two servers? The error above will show on PHP versions less than 5.5, but won’t show in later versions. Could be that the PHP version of your HTTPS site is later than 5.5, while being out of date on your HTTP site.

So as a temporary fix, you could try upgrading the PHP on your HTTP site to a version greater than 5.5. I’ll create a patch for this error and update the plugin so that other users won’t encounter the same error.


I hope the team adds Naira currency to the API directory soon


yes it was PHP 5.4 upgraded to PHP 7.0 and now it works. :+1: thank you


Awesome! Thanks for reporting back.


I install the WooComerce electroneum instant pay from WordPress plugin and I configured it but its not working. Its showing blank page when you click checkout.


I think you’re having the same problem as what Blublocker had. I’m nearly ready to release a fix for this to Wordpress plugin directory - just doing a few more tests. In the meantime, send me your email address via direct message and I’ll forward you the updated version to install on your site.


I checked the Blublocker site for a bit. But I don’t see an option to pay with ETN.
They didn’t readded the fixed plugin?


They still accept ETN as payment, it’s on the bottom of the checkout page:




Yes I managed to get to payment options, but didn’t see any ETN option.