First Electroneum Instant Payments Woocommerce integration


Yes, I think “Payment sent” would be better. I do not think the word “Blockchain” is important for an ordinary user.


Dankie Benjamin, great work!!!


Damnn!!! Great video!!!


This community together with the ETN team are doing a Great job… @benjaminoo


Yep - you beat me to an official announcement, but as we build re-world vendors we will be adding them to our new directory. We have geo-location coming in our app too, to find nearest agent (remittance) or vendor.

I probably should stay quiet until official announcement, but I love this forum too much!!


Nice one @benjaminoo :+1:



You can actually start polling our servers on the QR code page then you don’t even need the “I’ve made the payment” button! It looks really cool when the page refreshes “by itself” as soon as payment is made from the phone.

Have a great day! Thanks again for such speedy work!


Well done! Glad to see it works!


Currently busy with that functionality. :grinning:


This is by far the best community out there!! What fantastic work and we are only 2 days in!! Keep goin guys, ETN is going to be huge.


Great job, I enjoyed shopping in your store.
This shows that paying with fiat is outdated, this was much easier than using PayPal or any other credit card based payment solution.
I can’t wait for this ball to really start rolling.


Really awesome work thanks for sharing and to everyone involved :slight_smile:


Awesome work! Thank you! I need to give it a spin!


Ok sent some ETN!
Payment ID d059ae8433000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
(lots of zeros!)
For some reason it says pending?

Can I check out the code if you put it up?


Awesome! I received your payment!

Yeah, the payment ID has lots of zeros. Actually, only the first 10 characters are used between the vendor (myself) and Electroneum.

It confirms payment to both parties immediately and “ring-fences” the funds in the senders wallet so that it can’t be spent again. Electroneum then tries to transfer the funds from one wallet to the other, and retries if it fails. As long as the payment is still being transferred, it will stay pending. But the confirmation has already been given that the funds exist and can be spent, so the transaction was settled instantly at the time of purchase.

Sure, you can check out the code! I’ll create a github later today.


Great … this will be a hit on WP!


Fantastic! super pleased to see ETN going forward day by day to achieve Mass Adoption :zap:
And with this we can go places forward :smiley:
Super excited for the future :v:t4:


I’ve created a Github repository for this plugin if anyone wants to try it out:



Thanks a lot @benjaminoo :+1::+1:


Ben what a great job.I have sent you a private message.Pls when you are online let’s talk