First Electroneum Instant Payments Woocommerce integration


This is exciting and why I like being on board. So much stuff is going to be happening to spread ETN to the world. Totally awesome!


OMG! I cannot wait any longer on the release of the iPhone app! I have this FOMO right now.

Great work here!


Amazing work :D.
I would love to try the code out beta style. I’m just setting up my woocomerce site so I’m not overly fussed if it bricks as I can just restart the site.


Well the issue isn’t so much that it would “break the site”, but there are some issues that need ironing out still. E.g. the plugin iteration that @benjaminoo put up is in some sense hooked up the “wrong” way to the woocommerce cart and as such it will throw up a number of issues, esp. if/when trying to manage larger volumes. So there’s obviously room for improvement—which is only to be expected at this stage—and no doubt the plugin (or various versions of it) will keep on improving both in terms of the code but also in terms of customer experience…

Hopefully eventually there will be an official plugin(?), as is done by the likes of Stripe and Paypal! That way everyone can install it with confidence, knowing that there’s official backup should there be any issues, etc.


how do I connect this to my woocommers eCommerce site



All download files and installation instructions are available here:


Beat ya to it! Awesome plugin and guide, you are amazing :joy:


Thanks for pointing this out @Peter_DIR and for clarifying the problems further.

I have now updated the project to implement new order flows and features. The changes are live on Github and a live demo is available on

Changes include:

  1. As suggested by @ETNCEO, payment status is now checked in the background using AJAX, so the user does not need to refresh the page or click “I’ve made the payment” button. The page will now refresh automatically and display a success message immediately after payment has been made. This is much more user-friendly and visually appealing.
  2. An improved order flow has been introduced as suggested by @Peter_DIR above, in which orders don’t get “triggered” and the cart doesn’t get emptied until payment has been made. Previously, payment instructions were displayed on the “thank-you” page after the order was created. In the new version, payment takes place on a new custom payment page (unique to the plugin) which is integrated into Woocommerce in such a way that orders don’t get triggered and carts don’t get emptied until payment is complete. This allows customers to come back at a later stage to view the original contents of their cart and process payment. It also improves customer experience in terms of order emails received.

Please feel free to install it on your site and test it out. Installation instructions are available on the Github. I’m open to any other suggestions you might have.


Works great, I just tested it and purchased myself another ETN logo :wink:


Brilliant stuff, Benjamin! :+1::+1: You’re fast! :wink:
Will have a look at it later on—sounds great!


I have done it. I uploaded it into my WordPress sit but its not showing on the list if the installed plugins. What should I do?


I have successfully installed the Electroneum woocommerce gateway. However I encountered a little issue. While checking in out with ETN instant payment I got this response below:

" Fatal error : Uncaught Electroneum\Vendor\Exception\VendorException: [0]: Unknown currency thrown in /home/eventbri/public_html/wp-content/plugins/electroneum-ips-gateway/include/vendor/Vendor.php on line 145"

I’m in Nigeria and my selected woocommerce currency is Naira (NGN). Does it mean I can’t use the API yet, or is there a solution for this?



great improvement… it is more appealing now


Did you put the folder in the wp-content/plugins directory? Do you have woocommerce installed and activated?


Awesome work - now i WISH that this payment method choose every ESHOP at the PLANET and we can using ETN GLOBALY everyday :wink:
Maybe some day - who knows…


Hi @Q1kfingers,

Currently, the NGN currency is not supported for live exchange rates as per our API doc:

I will record this request and will update the above link if we have an update.



Electroneum Nigeria

@Egg We need to have all currencies included and Nigeria is big country with amazing potential, also Kenya… and add more translation and make update of the app ASAP best till the end of the September :wink: Thanks


Thanks @benjaminoo, I’ve managed to integrate it into my website and had a few friends test it out.
Amazing work and super easy integration :smiley:

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Alternatively, if coinmarket cap or coin gecko supports ngn, you can use their Web site api to convert your etn values, then pass this value to the qr code.

Otherwise, you can do some math using a global exchange rate api to convert your ngn value to say… usd… then feed this value into the etn api.

Its a bit gimmicky and requires some coding knowledge, but very doable.