First Ecwid Instant Payment Integration

Quorra Merch and Market are the first to integrate Instant Payment into the e-commerce platform, Ecwid.

We’ve had a number of Customers spend ETN on our Merchandise on our Launch day yesterday! Come on over and check it out for yourself!!!

On a personal level, I’d like to share a quick story and realization. Yesterday, we had a number of people in Unbanked location’s (Nigeria, Ghana, etc) purchase High Quality Apparel items with ETN. This is something that I believe to be major. We are able to provide High Quality Apparel Brands to these Unbanked people across the world that they NEVER would’ve been able to have access to before Electroneum, and it’s Mobile Miner and Instant Payment system was created. To be able to purchase a nice, warm sweatshirt to wear during a cold night, with a currency that you were able to accumulate for FREE and save up to then purchase a high quality good not found anywhere in your area…that is something that I believe could have only been accomplished with Electroneum. This is what Quorra is all about. Reaching the Unbanked in new ways, leading to an improvement, even if just a little, in individual lives. Wether it be purchasing high quality Apparel items, buying or selling your Phones, Tablets, Home Tech or other Tech devices with Electroneum. I believe that, together, we can make a difference in this world.

  • Tyler from Quorra Market and Quorra Merch

Great, i will give you a visit on pay day:)


We can’t wait for you to see what we’ve got!


Very interesting to know people are buying from all over the world thanks for sharing keep up the good work.


We’ve had orders from places I never thought would be ordering! Netherlands, Iceland, Thailand and many many more! Far more foreign countries than UK and USA have been ordering believe it or not.