First Annual Electroneum Gala


Good evening ladies and gentlemen.

Welcome to the first annual Electroneum Gala! In anticipation of MWC 2019, I would like to invite you to this prestigious global event. It is global because all of the Electroneum members are welcome to participate. Unlike other celebrations, this Gala will be held from 02/01/2019- 02/24/2019.

What can you expect? The Gala is a celebration of the Electroneum community. You can expect familiar faces, fun events, and prizes.

The schedule is as follows:

02/01-02/06: What/who are you wearing for this special event? Post a picture with your best outfit, draw your outfit, describe it in words, or post anything that let’s us know what you’re wearing to the Gala.It doesn’t have to be a real outfit. It can be comical! (1000 ETN PRIZE! Winner announced on 02/07)

02/07-02/12: What Gala would be complete without some exceptional Electroneum speeches?! Post a video, voice recorded, or written speech. It can be informational, funny, etc. (1000 ETN PRIZE! Winner announced on 02/13)

02/13-02/18: The Gala is being held at the Art Museum of Electroneum. BYOA! Bring your own art! Post your fan art. It can be hand drawn or graphic art. (1000 ETN PRIZE! Winner announced on 02/19)

02/19-02/24: Let’s dance the night away! Post your favorite tune and dance all the way up to MWC 2019! (100 ETN PRIZE! Winner announced on 02/24)

All winners will be PMed for their wallet information and the prize will be sent as soon as possible. Please post all entries on this thread and be aware of the current date to know which event you are entering. Please keep all entries clean and abstain from innappropriate images or language. This is a Gala folks. PLEASE INVITE EVERYONE YOU KNOW TO THIS THREAD! There will be a special announcement on 02/24 to close the Electroneum Gala.

Have fun and welcome to The First Annual Electroneum Gala!

ETN Fomo Moonwalk Club
Music club.. you know the drill
Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 3!
Introduce yourself, don't be shy!
Introduce yourself, don't be shy!

Great idea !
Just 1 question: No nudity allowed ?


Sorry sir. No. 20 clothed guests lol


Great idea really cool :+1:


@ETNCEO @ImogenD @Rachel @chris.gorman @Corentin @BegaMutex @MSystem @CryptoNWO @AllAboutTech We would love to hear from you all and others from the team in the speach portion!


Ha ha :rofl: brilliant and brilliant again… great idea… can’t wait to take part if I can and yes I will be advertising it on Twitter if you don’t mind… brilliant!!!


Thanks! Looking forward to your entries. We have to get hyped! Haha. Electroneum: First crypto with a global Gala. Haha


Ah, ok, now i get it! Its just that you wright the dates wrong way. Typical lolish systems you guys use on most…
Well, that sounds fun. Jonne likes fun. No nude? Jonne sad.
Okay, i might be in.
(Jonne stripped in his houseowners 40 party when i was 21, as a gift. I rented her loft. :sunglasses:
Rsknor, Gøran Sørloth was there too, neighbour of her, hehe)


Looks like a plan.
Ill certainly have to give it some thought.
Hmm…the mind rather boggles here…
The possibilities are seemingly as endless as the lists of “prospective” partners we come up with on a daily basis.
Might be a really good topic to focus some of that dreaming for a while.
If @Tanwax could focus 10% of the energy he expends on FoMo every day here it will most certainly add some Pizzazz to this Gala Event!
@Thunder is a master of speeches and in house entertainment.
Lets get Global
Go the full “Galah”


Yes. Endless possibilities. I will participate but I cant win. Have fun!


Great idea. Am loving it!


Let’s make it a memorable one!


My Gala outfit is attached This is giving Tanwax FOMO
Coveralls ETN Shirt and Flannel over shirt. All this with my Australian cowboy hat.
I will also be standing at the door with a sign that reads will work for ETN with QR Code on the sign for instant payment.


I really like your idea @BigBrother305 a lot! and I love the spirit … entertainment spirit that is of course. I have to tell you that this community is by far one of the most, if not THE MOST active communities among all the digital assets, there few other ones that come close outside of BTC.

At any rate, I am NOT speaking in any official capacity or on behalf of the ETN Team but I can tell you that the preparations for the MWC are in full swing of things and everyone is extremely busy, with some working almost 24/7, crossing all the Ts and dotting all the Is. I can tell you this MWC will be the one to remember. In other words, everyone is fully engaged in the preparations and the process.I would love to be part of the"gala" but unfortunately the day has only 24 hours, and I am swamped with all the final projects and the work load that needed to be done yesterday. I am proud to be part of this community and it is an honor to walk along the side of each and every one of you. I enjoy being here, a LOT!.

At this time I have to take a rain check on the festivities, speeches and stories. I promise you all, that once everything is in place and up and running I will be able to spend more time in here and share all those fabulous stories with you all fine folks. There is much work to be done before we can celebrate, but I do believe ETN will bring the party and dance to its own tune. It is just how WE see the picture, but doesn’t make US right.

Jeff @Jeff_Knight and I believe we will have something very different, extremely clever, and quite special and unique in this space, something no other team/coin/project has ever done. I know it may be hard to fathom and even harder to understand the big picture given the circumstances, as the pieces are scattered through out the entire crypto sphere but I can tell you right now it is all coming together. Most importantly, we have Richard Ells @ETNCEO at the helm, and he is a fine CO. He has one of the best XOs in the industry backing him up. Chris Gorman @chris.gorman is a legend and even a better Director. I have served under many commands during my times and I have traveled the world extensively. I can tell you, there comes a time in life when you realize this maybe that last push, the final run. This is my last rodeo so I am going to give it 110% and let me tell you all, we are in good hands. Richard Ells is a great Captain, I met him in person and spent a significant amount of time with him, he is the type of guy you just want to do business with, the confidence and the ability to negotiate difficult situations and obstacles sets him apart from the rest of the crowd. I work with Jeff @Jeff_Knight most of you know who he is. He and I had been deep in the trenches, hard at work doing things from the sidelines, for the community and by the community. We have something special lined up for the community, and I am fairly confident you will all be very satisfied.

I wish you all the best in your competitions.

ETN Fomo Moonwalk Club

Thank you for those inspiring words, very much appreciated…


Your words are always inspiration @MSystem :fireworks: you have done great work in the community and Electroneum in general. I can’t wait to hear what you guys are working on :+1: you will be at the gala in spirit :zap:


Ladies and gentlemen, we are live at the first Annual Electroneum Gala! We would like to give you a warm welcome as we roll out the red carpet for our distinguished guests.

We are excited to welcome the electroneum community to this special event that will lead us up to MWC 2019.

Hold on…Can it be?! Yes, our first guest has arrived! It’s none other than the king of FOMO himself, all the way from Eatonville, Washington: @Tanwax !!! Tanwax is sporting a classic ETN tee with a hat that nods to all the Aussies in our forum.

(Moments later)

Incredible! We have just finished interviewing @MSystem ! You know him from his epic videos and animations. Noone can get the hype going quite like M. Unfortunately, he could not stay for the Gala. He was literally editing “Electroneum: The Movie” starring Liam Neeson as I interviewed him!!! Okay, maybe not! But he is very busy preparing for MWC 2019 and we appreciate him stopping by.

Who might we see next? Stay tuned!


Awesome stuff am so excited!!! :slight_smile:


Given Facial Recognition Technology the full respect it deserves…
I come as “Pahini”
I did take the time to “scrub up” for this prestigious occaision.
Not sure how Im going to go with getting through security…
May have to “cross a few palms” with Electroneum to get in “un-noticed”

Thanks for your words of Encouragement and as per usual your display of excitement and continued devotion to this exciting project.
A new chapter opens to us in the" Book of Electroneum" every week.
Looking forward to the next one.


(Live) Now here is something you don’t see everyday! A limo has pulled in and as the doors opened, a flood of squirrels emmerged and covered the red carpet! You know what that means!!! @Pahini is here everyone! Unfortunately, he has ran out of hearts(likes) for today but boy does he have accessories to spare! The hat! The necklaces! The face paint! Folks, the red carpet is heating up here at the ETN Gala and we are just getting started.