First Annual Electroneum Gala


The distribution of ETN…

The key is how you distribute the money at the moment of creation.!
And the first group to recognize this opportunity and put it into action will change the world.


What we really need is to completely gamify the delivery of money, distributing it far and wide at the moment of creation.
But we need to think big. We need to find a way to distribute the money far and wide without taking it from everyone else. Do that and we change the game forever.


Give it out as rewards for using apps, or as distributed mining fees, or as shared cuts of the mining fees to organizations that provide value to the network are just a few more ways to do it right. Those are just the tip of the iceberg. There are thousands of ways but we just haven’t been thinking about the problem the right way.

In other words, we missed the real power of Satoshi’s creation: the distribution of money.


The first system that truly gamifies the delivery of money will rocket to exponential growth, upending the current system for good. That will set the initial playing field dynamically and allow players who never would have gotten into the game to compete. The more people who can participate, the more efficient and valuable the network becomes.

“Networks have “network effects.” Adding a new participant increases the value of the network for all existing participants.”

Right now, we’re not adding new participants fast enough to the cryptonets of tomorrow. The system is still vulnerable to the violence hack. Gamified money is the answer to exponential growth.


“Blockchains are a new invention that allows meritorious participants in an open network to govern without a ruler and without money. They are merit-based, tamper-proof, open, voting systems. The meritorious are those who work to advance the network. Blockchains’ open and merit based markets can replace networks previously run by kings, corporations, aristocracies, and mobs.”

Those that join the network and help it grow will thrive and flourish with it. It will amplify their own value, making it grow faster than at any point in history. Every ounce they give to the system will magnify their own rewards.


But we need to think big. We need to find a way to distribute the money far and wide without taking it from everyone else. Do that and we change the game forever.:+1::+1::+1::+1:



Normally I would piece together a long winded version and try to put everyone to sleep.
I shortened it up somewhat…
I wanted to give credit where credit is due.
To Richard Ells @ETNCEO
@chris.gorman @MSystem @BegaMutex @Rachel @ImogenD @Corentin @Jeff_Knight @Egg &the entire TEAM
The unseen and the entire community.
The investors and the true believers…


What you said here is how I feel every day. It hits the mark fantastically and sums up how I feel about the project. Immensely satisfied with how well things have moved along and although some days it is more difficult in waiting I have the patience as I believe this project will change many lives. That is purely awesome! On every level imaginable.


@Pahini @MSystem @BigBrother305 @Cosmicrypto @chris.gorman @Tanwax #ETN


Touching story, I really appreciated this. And great touch of humor at the end with the sponsors, reference to @TheRanter at 2:52 :joy:. Nice work Chef and congrats on your new channel! :bow_and_arrow::bow_and_arrow::bow_and_arrow:


A real life story.
A real message in that for everyone rich or poor.
Wel said! ,


Love the sponsors @Chefbaker, especially the FUD spray - reminds me of the Cilit Bang adverts


We might have a winner right here…

Touching story , glad your daughter can see now … its amazing what we do miss as parents…

Love the orange juice lol
Fud spray ill have a bottle
And tanwax needs a tonne of the fomo hand wash hahahah

Well done @Chefbaker


Hehe, nice done Chef!
And good story. Its true. A little can be big somewhere else.
I sent a sack of babyclothes barely worn, to a hard working nice guy we met on holiday, he was to have his firstborn. He was into the roof, of clothes to him worth weeks of working., so little to make someones day fabulous. :blush:


:clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire: Incredible! Thanks for sharing!


I would buy 5 cases of each but I need the cash for ETN. I have FOMO and this Video gives it to me. Great video @Chefbaker.


I just love your FUD spray,

spray and it goes away


I liked @Chefbaker 's FUD sunglasses too.
I think in all the excitement he may have forgotten to mention them.

●Please bear in mind Ladies & Gentlemen…
If you post a full face photograph and expose your eyes in that photograph…
Thats one Identity check factor gone.

Rethink It Before You Link It.
Stay safe out there!

Practical Concerns of Hodling for the Present & Future: Security, Financial Decisions, Etc

Glad you posted that I am just getting ready to do my video and
now I will redo it lol


I noticed @sallypinkhair edited her post a while back.
(This being my second announcement on this subject in this topic).


Although I do a lot of public speaking, this is my first go at doing a video. LOL it was fun, silly and most enjoyable. I hope you all like it! If I get a good response I may have to do other videos for this community bwahahahahah! Cheers!

Make sue you are all wearing your ETN pin for the gala tonight!!!


Ahhh didn’t think of that so edits all done… as you say we all need to be more aware


Thats fantastic @Thunder.
Well needed advice.
Excellent presentation.
You made my morning.


Great videos i love it… in the future they will talk about us and try to party like us… :smile:


That was brilliant @Chefbaker :star2::star2::star2:
It got me Laughing Out Loud and brought tears to eyes!
Nice speech :cowboy_hat_face: