First Annual Electroneum Gala



Starting to prep my speech/ presentation ready for the after dinner speeches… brave your self… it could be… ???


Thank you for your services @Thunder. I could be an Ethereum token on Cryptopia and still feel safe under your watchful care.

@RSKNOR , is that you???


@Sk8Monkey, welcome to the forum and welcome to the First Annual Electroneum Gala. I see you are new to the forum. What brought you to ETN?


User profiles are everything in this case (not new)! ,!


@MSystem thank you for your belief and the outstanding show of faith in Richard, myself and the whole team.
You and @Jeff_Knight are truly unique individuals, your support, drive, determination are legendary. The way you watch over us is exceptionally comforting and the ability to openly debate is very valuable.

What is absolutely amazing is we have a community that is beyond my wildest expectations filled with many more examples of Msytems and JeffKnights. I personally thank you all ( though sometimes my feeling of responsibilty to deliver for you all drives my family nuts)


Heres Cheers to that Chris…Salut!
Take it easy on your Family mate.
Youll need them around when you can finally unwind!
Thanks for all your hard work.
Great to see you at “The Galah”


Were only as good as the people at the top… …

You inspire us , we inspire each other.

We are unique , we are hodlers

But above all


That’s it you have given Tanwax FOMO. I am going to run down to get more BTC to trade for ETN this is the only thing I can possibly do for any type of relief.


Ladies and gentlemen, you saw it live! @chris.gorman with some encouraging words for @MSystem and @Jeff_Knight! Just when we think the red carpet is dying down, a new face arrives and blows us away! Who will be next?! Stay tuned for our continued coverage of the Electroneum Gala!



Only two more days until our first guest is crowned for their attire. It will definitely be a close one. Everyone go through and like your favorite outfits to show your support!

Will we see some new faces before the deadline? Are you as excited as I am for the speexhes?!
Stay tuned! You are watching the first Electroneum Gala!


I went out for some fresh air after nearly a week straight of partying, just came back with something a little more ETN themed. But I still have to “keep it real” afterall.


Wait, who got this makeup on the red carpet?! I’m looking at you @pahini! Or was it you @sallypinkhair?!

Stain, meet your doom! (Scrubs vigorously)


Haha. Welcome back @Dr_Jan_Itor. Judging by all those birds you have on you I know you’re a party animal!


Well, i will enter, either like greek beachguru Jonnis, or Don Jon


Definitely Don Jon! :+1:


Late?! No!!! Arriving in style is @JonneHex! Just when we thought the party couldn’t get any better, a community veteran is in our midst!

@JonneHex , it’s great to have you. Now that you are here, which event at the Gala are you looking forward towards most? Outfits, speeches, art, or music?


JonneHex Late?
“Fashionably Late” is the order of the day at an event of this calibre.
Im sure we will soon se an appearance from one or more special guest ★ Team Electroneum shortly.!
Who will it be, our beloved @Rachel or possibly @ImogenD ?
I do see @Corentin & @Eggon occasion.
@chris.harrison had a bit of a shout out the other day from @ETNCEO.
Early days yet…


Tnx :joy:
I will plan my next move.
Maybe a speech?


@pahini , anything can happen! The stage is set and the stars are shining bright. An appearance from the team is sure to excite the crowd.

@JonneHex , yes, the speeches begin on Feb 7th and I have a feeling they will be memorable! Feel free to mke your way inside. We are just getting started!