First Annual Electroneum Gala


Thankyou for that detailed explanation @PrestoCrypto. It seems you’re really excited about the IOS launch. We look forward to hearing from you throughout the Gala.


Current user log let’s see how it increases over the month :+1:


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The janitor walks over and nudges @BigBrother305, “There’s also a basement room serving @Tanwax 's Grandad’s famous “apple pie” , but you’ll have to speak easy about it. Password to enter is FOMO Sapien”


I would accompany you to apple pie heaven but I must stay on the red carpet with my eyes peeled. Haha. Maybe I’ll have some on the week of the speeches. :smiley:


Nice folks!
Jonne will of course attend properly. Stay tuned!


Do you take ETN for the drill fork?


Got to dress up for the Gala…


Absolutely! Everything’s for sale for ETN!

Why just last week, I ripped out every bit of copper tubing from my house to pay for my last bout of FOMO.


@TheRanter We would like to welcome you to the First Annual Electroneum Gala. The community loved your video. Tell us, what was your inspiration?


Is that James Bond?! No, better! It’s @Chefbaker folks. He is donning an elegant look complete with a bowtie. Look out! We have some sharply dressed attendants in the house.


The janitor slipped the DJ 5 ETN to play this song while @Chefbaker entered:



I came to say Hi!
I am aviation enthusiast, so I come in Tom Cruise style!

A quick wave to fans and then some show off time!
You can see and hear me for short period of time.

BTW, thats the speed of Electroneum Progress!( breaking sound barriers)

Have fun!


Amazing! @KarEnTam is giving us an airshow! Thankyou for that! You are clear for landing! Enjoy the Gala!


Don’t mind me! Just hopping in to find my seat!
Took me a while to find the perfect earrings :blush:


Have you ever gone down the rabbit hole talking about ETN? If so, maybe you ran into @Annastasia down there! Se is rocking some stylish ETN earrings! Don’t worry, you’re right on time!


Thunder changing disguises and doing a perimeter check to ensure the safety of all of the guests,


Check, the main gala is free from scallywags and no neer do wellers. Find a seat Folks, the party is just getting started


Stands by door (guarding) while guests take their seats, activated darker fur imaging (stealth mode) image


I like it @Chefbaker , however there is some partial nudity on your lower right abdomen


I’ve got more… but I need to find a better browser to edit them in!!!


As if we need to say any more