First Annual Electroneum Gala


I’m here in my Sunday best, Dr. Jan Itor, and no way does that spell janitor. (Don’t worry I’ll clean that up later.)

And later, when the dance floor picks up I’ll slip into something more “funky.”



Hmmm. We seem to hve lost the feed with @B.F.A . Hopefully he has a safe journey!

looks at man sweeping the red carpet Excuse me! Sir, the Gala has begun. Now is not the time to be…Hold on…MY APOLOGIES GOOD SIR! We have @Dr_Jan_Itor here with us today. How exciting. You had me there for a moment. Tell me, what are you most excited for when it comes to MWC this year?


“It’s all good @BigBrother305, happens all the time. Well, regardless of what gets announced I’m expecting the FUDders of the world to see the true power of the squirrel army and this project we’ve been passionately fighting for.”

“Say, think anyone at MWC would be interested in my invention?”

“Maybe it needs bluetooth…”

“O wait, missed a spot. Where’d these feathers come from?”


:joy::rofl::joy: @Dr_Jan_Itor :chipmunk::chipmunk::chipmunk:


Yes, indeed. Strong the squirrel army is. I am looking forward to that too. That is quite a tool you have there. Thankyou for your input and enjoy yourself!

I am getting word that the fire marshall was called because @Pahini was sending out smoke signals to invite some guests and someone thought it was a fire!

@Pahini , we would like to get your opinion. Who do you think will be taking the stand with @ETNCEO at MWC? It seems the community has many theories.


We just got word that the IOS cloud miner is officially fully released! The guests in attendance can hardly contain their excitement. The news comes after the release of the reconstructed website and a promise of an update email from Mr Ells. Exciting times ahead!


Incredible folks! @ETNCEO just landed a helicopter on the red carpet and delivered a groundbreaking address to the community. As he flew away, all of our guests ran out in a FOMO craze to support our coin! They should all be back soon along with some new faces. What a way to kick off the first global Electroneum Gala!

Live coverage:


A little update on my trip to the gala


Galla with to ore one L …Hmm


Just landed, sorry I’m late.


That’s so epic, I love it! :grinning:

“in a world…”


Thankyou for the update @B.F.A . Stay safe out there on your epic journey and we look forward to your arrival!

Woah! @Nicolas has just landed in his stylish jet. What an entrance! You don’t need a lambo when you have one of those to get around. Welcome to the Gala!


Ive made it to the gala :zap: :wave: Feeling Festive February already with that great update today! :fireworks: :fireworks: :fireworks:


WOW! Absolutely love it!


Look out everyone! Here comes @PrestoCrypto with a clean and classic ETN hoodie. He is high fiving everyone as he runs up the red carpet. Can you feel the energy?!
@PrestoCrypto, tell us, what was your favorite point from @ETNCEO 's address today?


Oh goodness there is so much :thinking: I’ll go read it again I’ll be back :wink:



I’m ready! Amazing Good News Friday!


Ladies and gentlemen, you are sure to see all of the youtube makeup artist trying to replicate @sallypinkhair 's look. She is proudly representing our coin at the Gala.

Be sure to grab some refreshments inside everyone. We have HODL shots and Moon pies as a starter. :wink:


I was going to post it all :joy: but I especially enjoyed these :+1: :zap:

" YES! The free Electroneum App is now available on iOS and can be installed right now on your iPhone (if have one!!) from the Apple Store.

You can CLOUD MINE some ETN every day from your iPhone! "

“This year has been a year of challenges and a year of hard coding to overcome those challenges, and I’m very pleased to say that we have done so and are going in to this years MWC in a VERY different state to last year!”

“Mass adoption also requires PARTNERS. No cryptocurrency can expect to gain mass adoption without companies accepting cryptocurrency as payment for goods or services. We’ve discovered over this last year that there were some challenges for the partners – and we have overcome them!”

“This year at MWC we shall be showing new vendor partners that we are UNLIKE every single other cryptocurrency in the world. We are reaching out to MVNOs and MNOs (mobile virtual network operators and mobile network operators) and showing them a way to use OUR viral growth to grow THEIR businesses, whilst enabling a community of happy customers.”

“You’re going to see a couple of exciting things happen in February – we were going to launch both at MWC but we might bring one forward by a week as it’s such an important launch we feel we need to have a full team in the office to deal with any launch issues – rather than launch while the team are at the show. Don’t worry – we’ll still keep you guessing for our big show launch!”

“It is a MASSIVE first for crypto - but I’ve seen people on social thinking Electroneum are going to be partnering with one of the top brands - and I don’t want to do something awesome, only to see it overshadowed by disappointed community members! Really huge brands will come - once we show how it all fits together.”

"We have some big things coming in February – and some very powerful changes coming in the summer (UK summer for you guys in the Southern Hemisphere!).

I have worked as the head of a number of tech companies and I can honestly say I’ve never seen so much achieved by any company in a year."

"We are launching our ETN powered gig economy (a digital freelancer website) website in Q1 2019. "

“I am ridiculously excited about 2019. Nobody has ever been closer to mass adoption of a cryptocurrency and I am more confident today than I have ever been at any time since having the idea for a mobile cryptocurrency right back in 2016 that we will achieve it.”


(Sorry I had to, it’s one of things I do here, in between my janitorial duties. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)