First Annual Electroneum Gala


Now we are talking. Hmmm what to wear … bwahahahahaahaha



I am here it’s FOMOO time

Who’s ready to dance?


image I will come as an incarnation of the Legnedary pirate captain, Thunder Boom Boom Meow! the feared Pirate captain that roamed the treacherous Sahara Ocean. Unlikely hero and friend to all squirrels! They saved his life as an infant! He seeks out danger at all costs and smells fomo from all reaches of the world.


I am laughing so hard right now. I asked my wife if she could dance like that. I have a blanket and I am on the couch right now, still not too sure why … bwhahahahahaahah


Heh, it served it’s purpose then.


Well this looks fun and interesting… love the idea . Will take part

Have to think of something first @BigBrother305 great idea …

Our team of amazing , talented , inspiring people will bring this coin to fruition and beyond.
I cant praise them or the people in this community enough , your all stars with amazing abilities , ideas and all have a fantastic sense of humour.

It will be my pleasure to take part in this gala.

:heart: :chipmunk:


Do you hear that?! It is not yet the song and dance portion of the Gala but it seems @Dngruss is coming through and he needs anyone who is not dancing to Mooooooo-ve over. He was dancing when I met him and something tells me he’ll be dancing throughout the Gala and beyond.

We have guests arriving from land and sea. Next we go to the docks as a familiar face drops anchor at this glorious event. He is an organizer of games and the first to succesfully treat fomo… @Thunder !!! Puss n boots has nothing on this ETN vet!


Guests, feel free to mingle as others arrive and throughout the events. This celebration is for you!


Thank you for the invite and organising this highly glamorous event @BigBrother305
Well I arrive prepared; in my spacesuit (just in case :wink:) I have my rocket ready to go, out the back :rocket::rocket::rocket:
Let’s PAAAARRTAYYY!! :joy:


Seen as this is a carnival , can i bring my pet cat ETN along ??


My goodness I looove that!! @Plankton
Out of hearts yet again :heart_eyes::purple_heart::blue_heart:


It seems I mispoke! Guests are arriving from land, sea, AND THE FAR REACHES OF THE UNIVERSE! You may recognize her from the ETN Fomo moonwalk club, truly a model citizen in the ETN landscape… @Cosmicrypto ! If MWC doesn’t take us to the moon, she sure can with her spaceship!

(Ear piece chatter) What? @Plankton wants to bring his pet cat ETN? Does he know this is a Gala?!..OF COURSE HE CAN!

You heard it here first! @Plankton is on his way. Hopefully his pet and @Thunder get along!


Hehehe :joy: :purple_heart::orange_heart::heart:
Hearts to you!


I am on my way, i am crossing land and sea to get to the event of a lifetime…Happy Days


Is that an Electroneum coin in the sky shining a light on you?


Nice @B.F.A travel safely, we’ll be here. Let us know if you need a lift! :smiley:


I’d like to bring a few gifts for the guests of the Gala. Firstly, for the goodie bags, some golden nuts to take home:

and for the winners in each category, a Golden Squirrel Award:


We cut to a camera that is following one of our attendee’s journey. He is fighting the elements to make it here soon. @B.F.A , how is the weather out there and what are you most excited for when it comes to MWC 2019?

We just recieved a gift from @M44FFW. Since this Gala is televised to a national audience I am assuming that his gifts represent the squirrels with large/golden amounts of ETN. Thankyou for your contribution.


Moon squirrel love it @Cosmicrypto



Well the fellow Squirrels have now been sent invitations to “The Gala”.
Some have many miles to travel!