First Annual Electroneum Gala


Whooo hooo… just like to thank my sponsors ELECTRONEUM for giving me the opportunity to have fun with you all.

Very many thank you’s to everyone for voting for me and as I said a really really great community and proud to be part of it…

Working on my next project for the art section…

Come on people let’s get behind this thread and get more people involved


Congratulations @Chefbaker

Fantastic speech well deserved


Well deserved! Well baked chef!


Congrats @chefbaker, well done! :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:


It is art wewk at the Gala! We have enjoyed the last two weeks as we inch closer to the epic MWC 2019! We are accepting hand drawn, graphic art, memes, and gifs in this portion. Show us your creative side!


For the people who can’t wait…!! :thinking::thinking:



Well Done @Chefbaker your video hit the spot, I was fooling around with mine but had fun none the less. Congrats!


Congratulations @Chefbaker I am going to get the American Medical association declare FOMO to be an official disease or medical condition so folks will stop picking on me for my uncontrollable FOMO.


Great idea… perhaps they’ll accept ETN


Great Idea however I will not be able to pay with ETN the FOMO would knock me unconscious.

So you will need to make a TANWAX special solution and donate it to the cause.


image we are on it !!! Incoming special solution coming soon…


The Dr is in. Here are my entries for Art Week:

See something you like @wTz1?

Not photo shopped, all custom made liveries made by me and in photo mode in Forza Horizon.

Car talk / show and tell club. :)

Not done yet.

When Lambo? Now:

Hangin out in a Lambo in a digital representation of Australia. Cheers!


Thats great work.@Dr_Jan_Itor


Thanks @Pahini!

I made the Cosworth months ago, haven’t had time for video games since. Did the lambo today after work just for the gala.


Oh my! @Dr_Jan_Itor, with the amazing ETN themed cars! Where can we get one of those?!


Why anywhere fine automobiles are sold complete with vinyl kits of course!

From the makers of knife-wrench and drill-fork. As seen on TV!

(Professional driver on closed course.)

Actually, these are only available in Forza Horizon 3 in a virtual down under at the moment. I can import them to other Forzas if anyone is interested. Could also make a custom livery for any car if anyone wants one. I spend just as much time painting the cars as I do driving them, always liked that about Forza.


This has Tanwax’s vote can I have a ride to the dock and we can go for a cruse.


Has my vote too, awesome sauce!!!