FIO-protocol for Electroneum?


Hi there

I read a few news articles which explains what FIO-protocol is.

In short… The FIO protocol, developed by Dapix, will realize universal wallet addresses. So when two users use two different wallets, both of which support the FIO protocol, they can easily send crypto to each other. The addresses will be “human readable”, which means that they consist of real words instead of a random code.

Although I have to admit that I am not really enthusiastic about the idea, I have to admit that it is a pleasant addition for newcomers. This can also ensure that the goal of mass adoption is reached a little faster.

Is it possible to have a number of developers look at this and tell whether Electroneum could benefit from this?


Sound intersting for me. I know too crypto called CCH (Citicash) and they have opportunity to use ALIAS something like nickname instead of long wallet adress. maybe in future we will have too this opportunity.
Or as i say in history - ETN team have our tel number + emails so why do not create something like Skype, the credits you pay directly with ETN coins from your app for MMs + SMS :wink: and you can too see who from your contact list have instaled ETn app and make video call for free, but text messages you need to pay extra for people who are not in our network…