Fintech Finance KYC Article

Electroneum is now the WORLD’S FIRST KYC-compliant #cryptocurrency.

Check out FinTech Finance’s write up of the news here:

The article discusses how we are "breaking new ground in the cryptocurrency world”, our partnership with Yoti, who will be helping us speed up KYC registration, and how KYC will benefit Electroneum.

What do you think about Electroneum being the world’s first KYC-compliant cryptocurrency? Will this help us in our quest for mass adoption? Tell us in the comments below…

I love that article, but there is a problem, we don’t have sign contracts yet, we are not at any of the biggest exchanges and the marketing haven’t started yet. If we got contracts and they are being announced and if we are being listed on the biggest exchanges and if the team start marketing and ETN is being used we are going to be the biggest cryptos in a few months. I just hope the ETN team can hurry up and get this train moving, because this is like waiting for the wedding night and the gest are never leaving. Happy Days:)


100% agree :slight_smile: I want to have a 1st S.X :smiley:

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Actually they have signed contracts at MOU memorandum of Understanding stage , now with KYC they will become completed signed contracts

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That is for sure, but in order to be successful we do need flawlessly operating system not like we have had, too many problem from technical side, just would be nice to see outstanding DEV team, for how this project will be able to operate on global scale and without any problems if we have what we have now :thinking:

I feel like, the longer the wait, the more explosive the price upsurge will be when everything starts rolling out as planned.