Finney or S10 or Exodus


All the big companies are looking to get a bite of the crypto apple.This is just the beginning of blockchain phones so which one would you prefer?

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Exodus is cheaper.
Finney is basically obsolete before its release…Also expensive.
Samsung would be a great phone but for the price, although it is a hell of a lot of “phone”.



Ive ordered the s10 plus … its an amazing machine . Tech beyond belief…

Upgrade from my s8 .



I’ll wait for some competition to emerge first.
Something cheaper.
Probably second half of the year before Id get one.
Its into crypto for now.
Pay for itself later.

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Yeah i was gonna wait but i got a mega deal so im happy . Saved 700 quid on the contract so im happy …

Plus my s8 is cracked my son in a fit of fortnite rage threw it .

So new one is needed and its my last for a long time

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That makes a lot of sense…
I was looking at the outright price.
I only do prepaid.

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Have you seen galaxy fold… thats a beauty but $1800 u.s jeez … thats stupid amounts. Huwaii make some fine phones cheaper too.

I love my Samsung’s never had iphones …never will lol

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Im using a galaxy 10" tab/phone.
I just find samsung easy to use.
Ive used HTCs as well.
Theyre good too.
Im wary of some new tech regarding parts.
A samsung screen replacement isnt cheap.
Just buy a new phone.

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Definitely , you can get good replacements on ebay not official but just as good. Ive done a few phone screen changes and they are a pain in the backside to do. Tabs are a pain and yeah expensive. I have a tab 3 that need a defuser and i cant pull myself around to do it.

Never had a htc ive heard great thing’s.

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So Huawei are releasing a 5G foldable at the MWC.



Looks like it …

I do like them but will the screen break after opening and closing all the time.

How expensive to replace… etc