Finals vote ETN vs ECA


Vote directly on the tweet and also on the clear poll linked on the tweet! Let’s win this!


Just voted, via both of the links. Every body get sharing :grinning::iphone::earth_asia:… it all counts


Im up there now done


Have voted on both :slight_smile:
It’s finals time so lets make it for the win!


Voted and retweeted a little while ago we’re doing quite well. I didn’t register on clear it’s probably to late
now since I voted unregistered.

Current results:


Voted. :chipmunk:


Ty very much @Chris_T I think we’re gonna take this one too :smiley:


I have no doubt that we will lol awesome power of the community


Voted last night and confident we can win this


Goodnight peoples Anthony ChrisT J5…se you tomoz.
Awesome community out there!


just voted… I have the feeling we will win this :slight_smile:


Voted earlier :+1:
We will walk it. :wink:


Yes were all peddling away from the competition very nicely,
Great work. @Zero7


Eca community is great tho(but no even compare with etn community) , hope their joined us in future . Together we are stronger


I registered with Clearpoll this time and voted today. We’re absolutely crushing ECA.

Current Results:



Dang lol, the final round we’re giving the worst beating yet by far.


Voted , hope I’m not too late to the party !!


@Pahini let me know me in another post that it’s possible to vote for a second time on Clearpoll if anyone want’s to vote again…not that it looks like we need it :slight_smile:


We have generated so much interest from media and investment companies , merchants and developers globally.
It was actually a good thing having a practice run!!
Sean Davis put out a video on YouTube on this vote.
Was a good “How To” video.
Thanks Sean!
Fantastic Turnup -Awesome Community Effort