Fight The FUD Club Round 1!


What do you see as bitcoin’s bottom?


What type of beer is Smaland?


A swedish cheep beer at 5.5%


In a TA perspective


I look at 5800$ the next 1-2 months. BAKKT and Fidelity are already priced in the market and is most likely to have no price effekt. We might have a break up at some point instead of down, but i look at that like 20% chanse not more then that.

For the time being it is more volatility in the stock market and a better scene for swing trading, so i guessing there is the money right now.

We have no history on the cryptomarket when stocks go down or have a big correction so it most guesswork. Sometimes stocks and BTC follow a bit and sometimes not. But it is interesting to see that more volatility in stocks and BTC goes flat, ofcourse there might be other reasons but only history will tell. I am learning TA but i gaining more and more confidence when i see my prediction are hitting the targets in a 6 out of 7 times in this bear market.

i missed the target at 6320 but we just got green late evening the first so the 2 the drop only got back to 6390 and not 6320. we got the drop but it was balanced with the rice the evening before. I expect us to drop in to the blue and green sone in a before the weekend is finish.


It means small land… :blush:


Perhaps your anger is misplaced. Is it not governments who make policies that allow these things to occur?

Aren’t some in China only taking opportunities that have been offered to them by short sighted policy making in the West?

Have Western markets never in history taken advantage of other regions due to poor decisions made by leaders in those regions?

Perhaps, it would pay to explore these things in the “big picture”


Nighty, please wake me above 310, need to see some other numbers than just those 5sats…


Use 10 BTC and we are there on Kukoin


Anyone knows how to sink a swedish submarin?..LOL


Her is a riddle, put one line and get the answer 9.50

10 10 10 is 9.50


swim down and knock on the door…and the captain opens and say hi…


Not going to get into a political argument or discussion, It’s a criminal discussion. Acceptable trade practices by most of the countries in the world if not followed fall into a spectrum of cheating on the low end to criminal on the high end.

Counterfeiting is a criminal enterprise and job/trade theft. Pirating our music, movies and software is trade/job theft. Taking a white paper from someone in the west and translating it and putting your own name on it is completely immoral and despicable. Online gold farming (e.g. EVE online and WOW) is a form of job theft because they sell it for fiat to people in the game so they can buy items that they would normally get by continuing to pay the monthly subscription.
Putting bugs into people phones from the west that visit there so they can turn the microphone on later and listen into their company meetings is corporate espionage. Bribing employees to steal technology documents from Western companies so you can take away their business is corporate espionage. I can go on and on and provide links but you can just google any category of trade theft and China is at the top of the list.
I heard a pair of former US government trade employees come on NPR once and explain the damage that China technology theft is doing to the US. 1 trillion dollars in trade per year!! And that doesn’t even count all the other categories of trade cheating & trade stealing.
What kind of person makes fake plastic eggs for people to eat?!
Plastic rice!!?? Walnuts with rocks in it??!!
Where do you place purposely mining empty blocks when transactions are waiting to be processed on the criminal trade cheating spectrum? If I would legislate that, it would be 3 warnings over a 3 week period and then it’s a felony if continued but subject to advisement by the coin developer team.


No doubt many Chinese businesses are master thieves, with few or no repercussions.

And many are hardworking honest people trying to earn a living. One hopes that they will soon offer ETN payment solutions to customers all over the world.


haha very funny

In heaven, the French are the lovers, the Germans are the mechanics, the Italians are the chefs, the English are the police, and it’s all organized by the Swiss.

In hell, the Swiss are the lovers, the French are the mechanics, the English are the chefs, the Germans are the police, and it’s all organized by the Italians.


Not sure what role the Swedes play . . .


I remember that one, 10 to 10. That stumped me when I heard it the first rime.


Sweden is my neighbour country and i am from Norway. We love the Swedes but we are fighting in sports and jokes are also twice as big as Norway, so we are the little brother in the family


I was on a oil rig in north sea first time i heard it from a scottish guy, i used a whole week before i had to ask for the answer


How’s the Ringnes? Been meaning to try some Norwegian beer.