Fight The FUD Club Round 1!




Fomo?? Im eating late dinner


I hope it’s something Joyous


Its a Golden Steak. A real Joyful.
So, this is the real deal guyz?
What now. Is the nerds gonna sit watch ETN taking into real use, without thinking it might be an idea to own ETN?


I think this rollout will be very important, a test market that others will look to to see if the ETN project works.


Yes I’m reacting badly (name calling) and not being patient with it because I’ve lost my job so many times to China trade cheating and trade stealing. After so many times I started researching how many areas they trade cheat and trade steal in and it is a lot. Counterfeiting, pirating, online gold farming, I can go on and on.

But yeah, you’re right, I should show some restraint but it’s hard to. That country is responsible for causing instability in my life multiple times.

edit: Sorry for not having the correct amount of restraint.


No need to apologize, I understand and I am sorry to hear that you have lost your position several times. You are in good hands now, Electroneum will do what must be done to protect the integrity of this company and investors such as yourself.



Well done, Aironeous, M and the team are working hard on this.


No reaction to news? Things must sink in or…


That’s a healthy sell wall on Kucoin at 300 sats . . .


My app hangs due to a fokking update that wont install… not only me


Yeah, there’s something going on with the app. I’m using a laptop.


I’m cumming on the screen of my phone. Excuse me ladies…


I’ve tried to uninstall/reinstall but nothing gas changed. Fuckink cockoin


I’m still jonesing for the Turkish mobile operators, going to drop this month


I know, im closing the app, it goes away for a while, but reappears again


Anyway i’m following on cryptopia


Think i will paint my wall, watch that dry…


I am drinking beer Småland øl


Expecting a BTC drop any time