Fight The FUD Club Round 1!


He certainly is. I just gave his topic a like. Folks, if you are having Yoti/KYC issues, please check out the link in Presto’s post.


Yeah squidward I have read it and pased it on a couple of times.
The Chris Gorman one that is


Its just to pick up the patience Cap, lean back. Time is on our side. We also can put in small buys while, remember, you might end up with alot more coins in the end, than if moon is now


Guys, a questione: is it possible, for you, that one day in the next future, Electroneum become a real phone company brand?


I doubt that, it is a whole other ball gam


Yes probably… But should be perfect to aggregate etn filosophy, no?


Yes , but in order for a business to be truly successful you concentrate on certain aspects and do them well.
Like pizza you just cook them…
Hire someone else to do the deliveries.
Hire someone else to shop for ingredients.
Hire someone else to do the bookwork and marketing
(Under your guidance and to your standards of course)
The result perfect Pizza !
Plenty of time left for the forum!


So have we no more fud to fight?
Four days pass without a single post in the topic.
Whats happening professor squidward?


No FUD is good news :smiley:


ETN leads the Altcoins out from the mud and twisted wreckage by going Fuddless…


I like the words ETN and fudless in the same sentence :heart_eyes:


Take a look at moon wars…in the fan art section …oh turn the sound down a little!
Im going for an early night…seeya :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:


Hey guys! Sorry I’ve been jammed by work, no time to hang out with my ETN buddies.

Glad to see the market so strong! :nerd_face:


Awww…we all mis ya here.!
Take care bud.


It is thursday her now and guess i am excited because i guess something is happening today or tomorrow. I thought @Squidward_Nakamoto was out of inc :slight_smile:


Just wwhen you think the squid is out of ink…
You squeeze just a little harder and he turns black!


I haven’t seen him for a few days that’s why, but he is back and we are all most happy only the M-Kid left out in the cold.


Two hundred squirrels to that!


This just Out


Love they youtube video channel we only need bigger audience :wink: