Fight The FUD Club Round 1!


Have you started countdown for release or is it still far away? I know i should not be a nagger, but when waiting and being so super excited it is not easy to wait. Happy Days


As mentioned in the start of the video as well as in the article, Richard Ells said he expects its full release this quarter.:+1::+1:


Jeff, that video is tremendous. And you are as smooth as silk . . .




Good evening fellow FUD fighters, I do hope this winter evening finds you in good spirits, talking of which, it’s the weekend and no one has mentioned what they are tipping down their necks yet! :beers: Salut!


Stefo, I know, but per favore . . .


Evening. Its not long before we go hard up.
-btw, lot of new etn fans after the poker. Theyre interested in how to buy.
And Kyc soundd like a assurement for them, its a reason they have not used crypto yet… sceptics. Fudd-arised
Up, with a little volum now, so…
(Cannot post in the other tread, due to 3limit🙈)


Agreed @Jokke , well done on spreading the news, you may be pleased to note that I have sent some of my profit from your talent to another user who has far less than we do. Karma baby! Community is important.


Not long now. To set the throttle guyz. Leave those sats behind… load guns. If u got some.
260, first. I got a vision.:smile: Maybe back over 280 in some hours. Begins with a last push if i know the dumpers


Fud trooper, almost a breakthrough… its not long now


wonder what happens on next MA cross :smiley:


Look at that there poker smile.
You were bluffing in that shot yes?


Sorry, was a little angry


I can see it you know…that loook you give to get em to fold would be a full house grin.
But they called you and you laid out a pair of 7s!


Good afternoon!
Struggling with forum, it takes me as new, dont now if its because of i have been logged out, badges gone. Can only post max 3 in thread, and max per 24h.
Well, im reading though. Alot of good stuff. Relax, nothing is directly causing price. Its just dumping and trading, consolidation we call it in stocks. Remember you are here for the years to come, not tomorrow. Even Btc has had a lot of bumpy rides over the years, and alot of spells of dying. I read BTC was to be dead around 300times of ‘experts’…
I say again, LOW PRICES IN TIMES OF DEVELOPMENT AND CONSOLIDATION IS YOUR FRIEND, if your investment has a 5-10year plan. What do you think would happen if price went 100times over a week?
Down like a potatosack. 100times over 5years, and you get more stability, people going out and in on different times, building big over time is important. Lets say, this trip from 80 to 400 and back to 240-260, didnt have that huge fast bull. Instead of short time to top, 240 was the top, today, from then, slow over weeks, 80 till 240 without any big dumps, you all would be happy as hell now, full of guts.:blush:
But because of that taste of 400, you get overtuned, like a horny 16


This is wise counsel, Jokke. If you follow the ups and dozens of a stock or coin on a daily basis you will end up losing a lot of sleep and a lot of hair. The long term arc is the thing.


Ive created Jokkes FortuneWheel, thread for waffle and fun. Under opportunities.
Please visit, its for everyday, get to know, fun, etc.


Everyone should read and circulate this post today from Chris Gorman. IT CALMS THE FUD.


If you think you have fud for Yoti read this thread !


Stand up guy