Fight The FUD Club Round 1!


Buoooono l’osso buco


Ahaha don’t worry, sir :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


Love my osso bucco.
Goat, a little oily though…
Kangaroo is very good for curries.
Yep good old skippy…
Probably not on your supermarket shelves…but if you have the opportunity try it.
Very tasty and very healthy.


Never eat kangaroo, but many people told me is very good


They tell you true.
I found it best in a red curry.
Keep it mild not too…my kids just loved it when they were young!


In Italy is almpst impossible to find


I am week for food and i die if i don’t get it. I will really appreciate if the good food is put in this thread and i will try to update some more myself, and maybe we get the world ETN cook book made by real people for real people from the real world made by us :slight_smile: only for sale for real ETN…we never know what this forum can create for real


@Maritz @wTz1
Morning! Strangely my forum says im new and cannot post more than 3 in a thread, and i had to wait 12ours to post! Wtf, im not new😄, anyway, THE POKER stake went ok, hard battle, i was chipleader a long while, but faced a couple of badbeats against a very alcohol driven guy. I managed to sneak into cashprize. So Congrats, the profit ended
Up in 1813 ETN for your 25% shares.
(A win would resulted in about 6000 each)


@Jokke thanks for the update. Amazing job nonetheless. Definitely count me in again for the next one. :sunglasses:


Just send me your adresses, and i will transfer.:sunglasses::muscle:.
I might post if im going to some bigger local events too, its just the time😊.
I won the summer Deep here near the city, 120 players cap. Won around 6000$.


This is me at the national champ last november, shitty bad luck, but ended among 200 of ca1980 players


F**king great. Thanks for the opportunity Jokke and well done!


ETN sent to Stakers😊,
I will do a post if its interest of som bet fun next time, usually we play thursdays every week. The winner of this Tourny also received 500 ETN in bonus as a new user of the App, and is now courious about this crypto thing. He has never owned or done any research of crypto. Now he owns his first ETN. :blush:
Im going to do more marketing.


You play live or online?


I have seen this picture before !?!


Both. But live in the club im founder of, thursdays.
Trying to market Etn amongst players. Alot of clubs in the area. Etn could be a perfect legit way of handling money cashless.


ETN is perfect for many things. A football club when 10 yers old kids play and mom is making waffles, the ETN app is perfect for that (only example)


Yup, posted it before. You see i got my passed brothers thors hammer as luck bringer.
Its you and me BFA thats posted selfies, as i know.
It will take time to compete with our banks Vipps pay, which came before apple, and is better, we are in front there in scandi, alot of shops you dont need card here, but then its also easy to adopt even better worldwide solutions here, running along with.
But it will be the day Etn has found position, done the big value increase and is stable, slowly up. Pokerplayers though, also like the idea of value increase.:blush:
(Now that forum is jammering again about max posting🤬)


Enjoy this short Video and linked Article in its description. …and may it help you “Fight the FUD” :wink:


Max posting? haven’t got that before!