Fight The ETN Dump Club!

Going in to the hodlers pocket:)

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Oh :smiley: and i almost started celebrations thinking the ETN decided to leave shitKucoin :smiley:

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plus we cannot force the market to go up when it wants to go down… it’s like swimming against the current, you will lose your strength, better go with the flow instead

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Ok guys catch you later, got to hit the exchanges and go to work! Talk to you later.


can anyone explain why there is a deadline for KYC. I thought you cannot access your wallet without KYC Level 1 now.

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you might see the answer here @DCF

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Great thanks ill ask in that thread

no problem mate… hope you find what you’re looking for

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Sooooooo many replies…uh…

Just buy if you can and hodl.

Price will come back when good news come up :wink::grin:


Guys we need to troll this guy. Give him a taste of his own medicine. I took a look at his Twitter history. Nothing but ETN fud. His Twitter handle is @cappadonna32.

Looks like someone has started trolling the troll. LOL

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Those dam drog addicts :joy::joy:

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Chris Gorman is written to be a Millionare and a Billionare depending on which article you read.

Those images and stories bother me NONE! As ashamed as i am to say it: Give me his money and my lifestyle would trump his past! I would get up to so much sh!t that his past endeavours would look like a church get together. I would make headlines for all the wrong reasons. Doesn’t make me a bad person and unfit to take Electroneum to a good place. Party on chris!!! :+1:


This news is a PR nightmare for ETN and will not be going away. Yes it is complete FUD but in todays world especially in Crypto you have be so squeaky clean and unfortunately I do think whatever Chris has done for Electroneum will be undone by his past. This is going to put Richard in very hard position and I am not sure how you can every keep someone in your company that does not have any thing but a stellar past. It is sad but this the world we live in.

Yeah, like those trolls and fudders have never done a bad thing in their lives…

If I was Richard I would back him unconditionally. If he gets the boot it means the fudsters win and makes Richard look like he ain’t got his house in order when he clearly has. His past is his past so not worried.

Richard don’t need to comment on it fullstop.


It is not about them as he part of the Face of ETN and yes those fudders are complete Assholes, but when you have a past that can used against you it will be. I can tell you how many background checks I had to pass when I went to work for the Largest Wall Street firm, they check my High School grades! lol

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All this things are well known and to put it up for discussion is real FUD.

Well, it’s been known about for a long time and didn’t stop them working with him for the past year. Maybe he will decide to move on anyway once his task of bringing crypto and the mobile industry together has been achieved.

It does not sway my opinion of ETN in the least bit, but this really really bad for our imagine give our history with Michael Stellar.

The big news today comes in the form of Harry Redknapp. This former manager of Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur surprised the world by claiming people should get involved in Electroneum. According to Redknapp, this is not a paid or sponsored message, although the community seems somewhat divided on this front.

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