Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 3!


BTC price spike on Bitfinex at the moment - hit 3800. Typically these sucker people in but this one has a higher high so see what happens.


Almost like home here… :roll_eyes::triumph::tired_face::cloud_with_snow::cloud_with_snow:


And were going up again :smiley:


Yeah that “large database migration to Amazon Aurora on Monday the 10th” is most likely the foundation for all those other new systems to be built upon.

Some are probably close to being completed, but can’t be completed before the migration and redesign is complete. I know Richard mentioned that the coding for the on network, offblockchain fintech style system has been ongoing since before that first AAT interview series. And he was talking about 100’s of millions of daily transtions when it was all in place and ready to roll.

Getting exiting for sure.


Yeah hit 190s - nice to see :slight_smile: Sitting just below that atm


Yeah very exciting development for sure. Next year is going to be lots of fun in Electroneum land!


i bought a mil at 190 / 191 as had to split buy orders to 500k on Kucoin. Hope I did the right thing for once! :joy:


Huge congrats! Nice price for that volume! I will be buying good amounts to on mon and tues.


Yes I believe Amazon aurora will greatly help will many aspects. I’m doing more research on it right now but indeed it will be very interesting to see implemented.


Thank you storm. Ive bought much higher to be honest so wanted to bring my average down. I’m fairly new to this crypto game and have made some big mistakes on Etoro last year costing thousands so I hope im getting a little wiser!


Just don’t sell it yet! You don’t lose until you sell under there are many good things in the works the research is there. Not financial advice


Just wait when that zero fees instant no blockchain enterprise wallet system goes live. Watch how ETN explodes and becomes the preferred personal remittance system, whether it’s through established remittance businesses partnering up with ETN, local agent/vendors using the ETN remittance partner system, or person to person mobile wallet transfers.

Licenses and regulations will have to be navigated, but that’s doable.

Zero fees at first, then once well established and taken hold, introduce small TX fees, and still be much cheaper than traditional money transfer methods.

I still personally believe this is the thing that provides the largest velocity for ETN in the early stages.

But I don’t mind if I’m wrong about the remittance angle, and something else moves ETN forward faster. Its just what I saw as the biggest initial use case for ETN during ICO stages.Then I figured that could lead to every other potential use case taking hold too.


This has some good info on aurora it seems to me it will help in many aspects.


For sure. I said this to my mates, the loss is just conjecture until you make it real by selling down. I personally have a 5 year plan, only cashing in 10% at every milestone, 10 cents, 50 cents, 1 dollar etc so to take gains out but leave some capital to grow


Take your time, think a lot, think of everything you’ve got! For you will still be hear tomorrow, But your dreams may not!

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Oh baby baby it’s a wild world :earth_africa:



Hello Darkness my old friend…I’ve come to buy more ETN again.


190 sats. South African Grenache. And a bit of lovin from the missis. If carslberg did saturdays…:eggplant:

Sorry - British joke for those who haven’t seen the television advert


Sounds like faster reads along with easier scalability…which would probably mean faster wallet balance refreshes, faster transaction processing and such I guess?

While Amazon Aurora focuses on the scale-out of reads and Oracle RAC can scale-out both reads and writes, most OLTP applications are usually not limited by write scalability; From my own experience, many Oracle RAC customers use RAC firstly for high availability and to scale-out their reads. You can write to any node in an Oracle RAC cluster, but this capability is often a functional benefit for the application versus a method for achieving unlimited scalability for writes.

Scaling reads is usually more important for the following reasons:

  • Most RDBMS-centric applications are generally more read-heavy. A mix of 70 percent reads/30 percent writes is normal for most applications (for reference, the TPC-E benchmark has a 7:1 I/O read to write ratio).
  • Scaling read performance is especially crucial when combining OLTP workloads (transactional) with analytical-type workloads, such as executing reports on operational data.
  • Even with Oracle RAC, which can scale-out writes to some extent, because of concurrency issues that can occur when multiple sessions try to modify rows in the same database block(s), many customers choose to partition the read/write workload to specific nodes in their RAC cluster creating “RAC-Aware applications”.

Can Amazon Aurora Be Your Next Data Platform?
To summarize, Amazon Aurora provides the following benefits as a database platform:

  • Multiple cluster database nodes provide increased high availability. There is no single point of failure from the database servers. In addition, since an Aurora cluster is always distributed across three availability zones , there is a huge benefit for high availability and durability of the database. These types of “stretch” database clusters are usually uncommon with other database architectures.
  • AWS managed storage nodes also provide high availability for the storage tier. A zero-data loss architecture is employed in case a master node fails and a replica node is promoted to the new master. This failover can usually be done in under 30 seconds.
  • Multiple cluster database nodes allow for scaling-out query read performance across multiple servers.
  • Greatly reduced operational overhead using a cloud solution and reduced TCO by using AWS and open source database engines.
  • Automatic management of storage. No need to pre-provision storage for a database. Storage is automatically added as needed, and you only pay for one copy of your data.
  • With Amazon Aurora you can easily scale-out your reads (and scale-up your writes) which fits perfectly into the workload characteristics of many, if not most, OLTP applications. Remember that scaling out reads usually provides the most tangible performance benefit.


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