Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 3!



The Artis Turba listings seem to be live now for everything but the ZAR fiat pairing


What amazes me that people keep winging and whining regarding price drop and buyers numbers, what they dont realize and know, that governments and countries with all their financial capabilities and law makers just started now to lay foundations and creating terms and rules regarding cryptocurrency and Richard ells was ahead of them like a million light year, anticipating and planning what’s coming ahead, chill people


Step 1- upgrade servers to handle massive volumes
Step-2 drop massive news
Step 3- lambo trips to the moon


It’s fantastic news and I posted this in that thread but I will share it here too. I think Richard and the team saw the massive influx of users and they were all like…


BTC transfer time is killing me—AAAARrgghhh


I think we will soon see the whole picture what ETN is doing. And we will be happy for this dip :blush::blush: 1more week then payday for me :wink:


I entered the ETN lottery at Electroneum universe yesterday and thought, “It’s just a dollars worth of ETN” but then when I saw it on my phone in the transaction history I was like :cry:
But I just received received 210.19 ETN this morning and I don’t know where it came from. I’m guessing the lottery 2nd or 3rd place winner.

Check out how the trading volume is increasing. This is the one day of ETN (CMC is missing exchanges)


I am fighting the price, butt only teak some smal bites, i love this price LOL


Ho ho ho!


I say after Monday if all goes well we might in a few months get on this list.


More big shitcoins to hype…
Maybe coinbase go for a coin that actually do something??not only mcap. Such as…


I decided to buy a shitload more till the end of this year! then we can go visit SUN. Till my buy is filled, please ETN, no news! :upside_down_face::see_no_evil::muscle::joy::heart:


REPOST. Go vote people.


1h 43min left!!! GOOOOO, I am 1500’% if we win this, we are winners in Finals!!!


Without even knowing who would be in the finals, I tend to agree. Digibyte has a massive following of die hard investors. Win or lose, it’s pretty incredible that our community went toe to toe with them.


Digibyte detective. @Annastasia


Well i hope we have fair votes! both sides!


Every ship got her rats i guess, this an extra proof about how many eyes are watching us lol


I think it goes without saying that both sides are manipulating the vote in every way possible. I have one twitter account and I voted once. However, to assume that our entire community is also using one account is silly.

Lets all be clear though, this twitter poll is insanely useless and means nothing in terms of Electroneum’s success. The only beneficiary from it is the person creating the poll.