Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 3!


We just tied Digi in the vote, major come back for ETN.



I am largely unschooled in the many facets of FinTech pricing, possible security issues (51% attacks come to mind), and pump-dump price manipulations. Suffice to say, isn’t FinTech entirely privately run, traded, and held virtual ‘etherware’? It seems like a large portion of exchanges and trading houses are off shore. I’d love to see regulation, but who can they target?

Reading that article, it seems to me that the United States government is just as confused as I am.


Last time we hit this low we were like 80 satoshi’s. Nice to see we’re not really that far off from 200 still. BTC is just tanking.


Yeah what he said


I Want my ETN I want my ETN


Well the bills are just for here in the United States but I feel they’re a step in the right direction. Exchanges need to be held accountable for allowing manipulation to occur. I’m sure some of them combat it but I think some probably don’t at least yet.

The first bill seeks research on how crypto price manipulation takes place, its impact on investors, and how to prevent such activities through regulatory changes, and in turn, protect investors.

The second bill asks regulators to carry out research on crypto regulations in jurisdictions across the globe and recommend any legislative changes to promote the growth of adoption of cryptocurrencies in the U.S.

For instance, it asks the regulators to clarify the virtual currencies that qualify as commodities and suggest a new, optional regulatory structure for crypto exchanges that includes federal licensing, market supervision and consumer protection.

In the joint statement, Soto and Budd said that “Virtual currencies and the underlying blockchain technology has a profound potential to be a driver of economic growth.”

It’s all just the beginning though, which is needed as we all know crypto is still the wild west. These seem to be a stepping stone to get educated on the crypto market to know how to appropriately regulate it.


We can see now „our“ big,big problem!
There are really no new buyers!
Look at the orderbook at kucoin…very,very small sell wall up to 200sat.
It needs only aprox. 5000$ to reach 200sat…but …nobody is investing …


Yeahhh My BTC arrived on the way to cryptopia @M-kid let me buy first please.


I don’t discuss total amounts but some people have been spending many many BTC buying etn from dumpers and there is reason why we are still holding 180 sats and are not at 100 sats. Many are working hard to help keep our price from crashing and keep it stable. The price will rise in time and yes that is correct it won’t take much to push the price higher. Some people could easily shoot our price up 100 or more sats in one click, but it would more than likely just come crashing back down. We will rise when the time is right and the time is not right for us to rise.


Holly Shi*t I just increased my holdings by 20% BARGAINS TO BE HAD ETN BUY BUY BUY


I’ve been here a while, and must have missed the squirrel meme. What the hell started that and why?


@Binky Secret Secret Secret Secret Squirrel From 2009 correction from 1998



Just a random word to fill up the 20 character min. Can’t remember who first started it.


Thanks. I think I was too busy chasing tails back in 98’ to pay much attention to 4chan, lol. Didn’t realize it had broader scope than @3babf70bcfdf24cd84b7 mentioned.


@binky Old school code head commit. I revisited some old code this morning and grabbed it.


Thanx, i grabbed a 100k etn more, fridaybuy.:see_no_evil:woop


I will buy more tomorrow


Good morning team from this side of the world glad you see healthy conversations this morning! I will also be grabbing more today! Tag me if we have any news I’m working for a bit but I want to be alerted! I’ll be in later have a good one everyone :wave::zap::+1:



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