Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 3!


Not much for sale at these sat prices on Kucoin. Cryptopia has more sale volume tho.


The price Is a little bit like a advent calendar:-)(correct word?).
Every day a new number…200…190…180…170…:joy:
Hopefully we won’t see this until Christmas …


Wait 2-3 hours …than we have our 4-5 millions coins again at sell side…


Can’t wait to scoop up some more at .005 and lower.


O behodl!
What to wakeup. Rising volume and fall. Oh oh. The beer testing last night already have me feel like a Santa sack, so please friday, dont kick me no further.:smile::see_no_evil:


Holy TOODLES just bought another 35000 ETN life is good. No idea where this crazy train is going but I am smiling because when it goes I will have a first class ticket window seat… YEEHAW !!!


hopefully the train does not derail:-)


Come on train!


Just find funny image and i promote ETN :slight_smile: check it and what your Christmas gift - do you spend more money ?


Bitmain open its kyc called coconut


Of course i’m noto sure forma this price. I’ve read many weeks ago, before this dump of price, that the price for btc will reach 4500. In this moment looks a little strange, because is at 3000, but who can say?


The price a few weeks ago was 6500 so gone down way below 4500 to 3400. 2900-3150 is the next low to the 200 week moving average. Holding for the time being but sentiment still bearish. Next 1800.


Lets dooo this!!


Broke through .006…ouch
Going from .003 all the way up to .02 is a long way up…


SSSHHHH don’t tell everyone I want some too. ______SHip_it%20Squril


Yes they had an ICO last year to fund the expansion through out the world starting in Washington______SHip_it%20Squril


Interesting article on preventing price manipulation here in the United States. Feel free to share your thoughts on the proposed bills and their effects.


And good morning from the west coast USA Up at 1:25 AM on here at 3:40AM PST Some time the code in the brain demands an early morning Commit. I see ETN continues to slide I will go see if my BTC has arrived from Coinme and Buy Buy Buy. Going for triple my target.



Good morning everyone


Go Vote Guys and Girls We are neck and neck 50% to 50%