Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 3!


This is the one I use it states that they are having network issues


Thanks Annastasia! A big happy birthday to you :tada::zap::zap:
Hope you’re feeling better :purple_heart::chipmunk:


yes I will buy again maybe when (target area) $0.001,$0.002, $0.003,$0.004,$0.005 /etn ( my etn buy target ) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
maybe btc will test $1500 :grin:


Yeah already near sep 17 (low) prices $3000 (or 83% from all time high). Will be interesting if it goes down to next lows $1,800 (90% retracement), then $800*.

*Bitfinex prices.

While several posters thought my approach to averaging in to ETN was a little silly (back in the 300sats level). I guess some of them will now think again. It will now cost me half as much to reach my target.


Guys we need ur votes !
Electroneum vs digibyte Round 3

Vote here


Only 16 hours left to vote!!! VOTE vote vote!!!


I’ve got cheap Baikal N+ and love to mine 80 ETN per day :blush:
If rewards halved, I have to mine other coins? It’s not so much fun…


I haven’t twitter, but i’m with u.
Guys, this price means only a thing:
that with a bunch of money we can buy all the coins in the tank. Special price folks!! 50€ almost 10kilos of chips!!


Merry Squirrels!! (20 Santas)


4500/4800 at the end of the year…
Means next week start a new run for btc.
Will this affect all other cryptos?


Well played… 20squirrelmate


I’ve lost any attachment to “target” scooped another sixty k coins today though… Holding funds for a cheaper tomorrow too.



Yeah I can’t see it going below 1800 worse case but markets can do bizarre things and crypto market still young and immature. I think its good for the market if it holds at the 3000 mark. Big money (and new players setting up shop) will snap up cheap BTC/altcoins at some stage (hopefully leave some crap coins behind) and naturally make huge money on the way up, as some are on the way down.

Bitfinex still has a lot of shorters trying to push the price down atm.


It doesn’t sound like FUD at all. The app interfaces with the Vendor API and allows users to transact by sending/ receiving ETN.

Airdrops of an inconsequential amount of coins doesn’t seem nearly as important. Why they are withholding the app release until the “mobile miner” is completed is a mystery to me.


Morning all from Ireland.

Just doing a little shopping on Kucoin and noticed they have lowered the withdrawal fee on ETN.
It was 50 ETN, now only 5. :+1:


25000 ETN added, one step closer to my revised goal. Not far to go now.
I’m guessing like most of you. Once my goal is reached, I’ll just create a new one.



Hope i can use etn to buy proper twelve from ireland someday xD


Just more great news for Electroneum!!!